Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From Grant & EvanH - Swiftly Tilting Highlanders (80 Points)

For our final post, we present sixteen soldiers from the BEF of 1914 and 1915. Half of which are kilted Highlanders and the other half being British troops wearing gas masks. The figures (again from Renegade Miniatures) were excellent to work with, and required minimum cleaning! Finding the proper shade of uniform was a challenge however, everyone on the internet seemed to have a different theory over the colour of their kit. What I ended up finding was that Commonwealth troops normally had a more green-kaki uniform, while the colour of the British Uniform evidently was a deep brown-kaki (can anyone confirm this?). Hopefully this will be the beginning of a Black Watch unit and an English Unit of some kind.
The Gas Team.

And The Highlanders.

It has been an excellent challenge and my brother and I hope to do this again next year! 

Thank you to Curt for the invitation and to everyone for the warm welcome!

From Curt:

Great work boys! I've always like the early-war British uniform, with its characterful soft hats and tams, before the mandatory implementation of the tin hat.  I especially like the Highlanders with their kilts and broad, flat tams.  

These figures are especially poignant as we near the centenary of the first use of poison gas on the Western Front (April 22nd 1915, if memory serves). The French Algerians and Canadians were exposed to drift-release chlorine gas that day. The worse-hit Algerians broke, but the Canadians managed to hold their position by urinating into rags and wrapping them around their faces (the amonia in urine helps to negate the chlorine). They held the line and even managed to counterattack, helping to stabilize the front.

Again, an excellent entry Grant and Evan. I'm absolutely delighted that you enjoyed the Challenge and I hope we see both your work again in the future. Well done!


  1. I have no idea about the different levels of green pigment in uniforms. I would suspect the colours to be so close that it would make no difference to the eye at this scale. So as long as you think it is the "right" amount of green it surely is. Really splendid work and I also would like to see more.

  2. Nice work guys, another smooth looking entry.

  3. Great work for the great war! They look very nice from masks to kilts, I'm quite partial to the Scotts!

  4. These are quite excellent once again Evan and Grant. Thegas mask wearers are quite unusual on the tabletop