Wednesday, 4 March 2015

From MartinN - 28mm 2nd BEF Section & Captain Campbell (55 Points)

With this years Challenge slowly coming to a close I'm rather proud to have reached my personal target. With this submission I've surpassed the goal of 80 painted miniatures I set for myself by 6. This means I've already painted 25 miniatures more than last year (61 + 1 AFV) and still there are two weeks to go.
But don't expect me to do much more for the last few days. I'm trying to avoid the 'painters burn out' I suffered from last year and therefore will be reducing my output drastically.

So today I've finished the second infantry section for my BEF. Again these are all Warlord Games figures. There are still some more additions to come but it's a small but playable force now at last.

This lot was quite a pain in the back to clean up. Mould lines and flash all over the miniatures. Compared to my last batch of the same figures I was rather disappointed.

For the sake of consistency within the force the uniforms are still too bright but will look alright on the table I think.

Elsewhere I was asked If I had any reference for the Mickey Mouse camo I used for the BEF helmets. As some of you might be interested as well here's my source:

Really like the monkeys...

And last but not least here's Captain Campbell at your service. He somehow lost his ride after a brief but fierce encounter with a German Messerschmitt over Dunkirk.

While the darn Kraut went up in flames Mr. Campbell still had to abandon his bullet riddled Spitfire by parachute. Must have come directly out of the sun, that bastard...

Well, at the very least he hasn't lost his beloved pipe over the pretty uncomfortable landing. Is there anything better than a pipe and a cup of tea to settle the nerves? Speaking of tea... Blimey! Has he actually forgotten to take his thermal jug with him before the plane crashed?

So this submission should give me another 55 points to add to my tally.

From Curt:

Ah, yet another beautiful entry from you Nick. These BEF lads look fantastic. I really like that you included the anachronistic 'mickey mouse' camo pattern on their helmets and the early darker green webbing - they are very much from a point in time in the war.

You've done a terrific job on Capt. Campbell as well. I really like the addition of the parachute silk and his facial hair looks as outrageous as someone else I know (ahem).  The only thing that might be added is an empty bottle of single malt at his feet (next to my wife, certainly one of my favourite flying companions). It would go a long way to explain why he's walking and not flying! 

Great work Nick and cograts on exceeding your personal goal. Well done!


  1. Superb painting! Great that you managed to get a steady stream of miniatures completed throughout the challenge.

  2. It is not so often that we can all agree that the painting is better than the sculpting. But this time it truly is. Absolutely cracking.

  3. Well you are well on top of last year having past last years points and still in a painting mood, great work as well


  4. Beautiful figures Martin :)

  5. Stunning! I really like all of them, the pilot did make me think of Flashheart from Blackadder Goes Forth for some reason.

  6. Always a pleasure to see your work, Martin! Capt Campbell and the BEF are grand works!

  7. Another fantastic entry. I'm always drawn in by the faces.

  8. Very well done Martin! You've really pumped this out at an extremely impressive rate for such high quality paintjob!

  9. Another stunner - great job Martin.

  10. Truly inspiring paint jobs!

  11. Very nice figures indeed! I specially like the way they are based it greatly enhances the chaotic feel of WW2 fighting.

  12. Beautiful paintwork on these. Very inspirational

  13. Fantastic painting work, they are great!

  14. Bravo. Stunning painting job :)

  15. Painted to your usual high standard, sir. Your WW2 entries have been a real high point of this year's challenge for me. The faces are so full of hate and fighting spirit - looks like they got tasked for the Dunkirk rear guard and are not happy about it.
    Your RAF chappie is brilliant.
    Congratulations on a great output this year.