Saturday, 14 March 2015

From TamsinP - Crusty Heavy Battleship (17 Points)

I've been rather run-down this week thanks to a cold, so I haven't got much finished right now and this is the only one that's ready for posting. I do have some more bits which should be completed tomorrow, along with some more over the rest of the week. All together they should see me reach my 2500 point revised target!

But enough of the waffle, on with the post.

For my 22nd entry, I present another spaceship. Just over a week ago Clint gave me a heads-up about what spaceships he was painting so that I could, if I wished, paint a couple more for our side-bet. So last weekend I primed and basecoated a small fleet using my new airbrushes (I'd just bought a pair of double-action Iwata jobbies) and my new compressor.

Errmm, yes, I did go on a bit of a spending spree.

A couple of nights ago I made a start on painting the largest ship of the fleet, the heavy battleship. And then Clint emailed me again to say that things were going on and he isn't likely to finish and submit his fleet. So, it would appear that I have won our side-bet, although I'd suggest Curt holds off on bestowing me with some suitably intergalactically megalomaniacal title, just in case Clint was bluffing!

The ship is a Vk'ca'tk'Knn class heavy battleship (UNSC codename "Crowbar") from GZG's "Crusty" fleet.

No, not these Crusties:

These Crusties from GZG:

From Spacejacker's "Tiny Solitary Soldiers" blog

As inspired by these chappies:

OK, a couple more pics of the ship:

I've got no idea how many points this will be - I've sent Curt some size comparison pics so he can try to work it out.

From Curt:

That's a very cool looking ship Tamsin (a freakin' huge). I really like the high-contrast orange, white and grey surface panels. I somehow reminds me of many corporate advertising colours. Hmm, perhaps the Crusties are a race of mobile phone salesmen!

'Accept our long distance and data plan or suffer the consequences...'

We'll wait to see if Clint fires a broadside in the next few days...

Great job Tamsin!


  1. A very nice ship. One does not automatically think of orange as a ship colour. Which makes it so much better as who knows the mind set of their own species let alone an alien one.

    I will get some ships done but as things have turned to slime here no where near as many as I had hoped or even 1/3 of Tamsins. So start planning her title. While I start planning my revenge! Muhahahahaha

  2. Great painting Tamsin, I really like the colour scheme you've gone with.

  3. Great paint job - I find the color choices really "work"

    An alien race of Space faring mobile phone salesmen - I can't think of anything more terrifying

  4. Very alien colour scheme but has as been said works wonderfully


  5. @ Curt - interstellar mobile phone salesmen? that hadn't occurred to me, but your comment did make me think and then I realised that it looks like the livery of Easyjet. Clearly the budget space travel sector is incredibly cut-throat and dangerous ;)

    @ Clint - roll on the ships! It's a shame you haven't been able to paint them all - maybe next Challenge? :)

    @ Peter - cheers! :)

    @ Miles - I knew the colours would work having seen similar schemes in 15mm for Crusty infantry and walkers.
    I think I've thought of something more terrifying - budget travel salesmen in space! :)

    @ Ian - thanks! :)

  6. Very colourful.. As you say where is Stelios..!

  7. Nice ship!! And hope the cold doesn't impair you for too long! :)

  8. Very nice work. District of my all time favs.
    Crusties...never heard of them...until now. Here we would most likely call them 'Ferals'.

  9. @ Dave - yup, the Easywarp armed spaceliner ;)

    @ Chasseur - thanks! I'm hoping so too [about the cold that is] :)

    @ Brendon - I gather it is short for "Crustaceans"; a more general term than the "Prawns" of District 9 :)

  10. Lovely looking ship, Tamsin! The orange works very well! I may have to try them out as space ork proxies, it has that Oscar look to it!