Friday, 29 January 2016

From SamuliS: Regiment Rechten (72 points)

Quick entry this week with another Saxon Regiment, this time Regiment Rechten in their yellow faced uniforms. It seems only the second battalion took part in the 1813 campaign and as such I've only painted the one battalion. AB Miniatures once again and lovely pieces to paint.

Not being phased by my consumption of refreshments on Friday I managed to paint these guys mostly on Saturday with only a final highlight left for Sunday. Nice and fast and really improved my mood after those darn yanks. Basing did take a bit longer than expected as I ran out of flock and had to go restock. Couldn't find the same one I've been using so bought a few different model railroad flocks. This one has a few different colours and shades to simulate meadows, quite nice but maybe a tad bit too light. I'll have to try mixing in some darker tone as well.

With these done it's back to Flames of War again. I currently have the last 10 half-tracks on the project mostly done, but unfortunately probably won't have time to finish them for this week. After those it's only 4 M10 tank destroyers and I'm finally done with Olive Drab for a while.

Not much painting happening at the end of the week with my club hosting the biggest gaming tournament of the Winter season here in Finland and the second biggest of the whole year. 80 tables with games in multiple systems going on and I'll be playing as well trying to repeat my podium finish in Flames of War last year and gain an entry to the national team for the European Team Championships in Greece in August. So wish me luck!

As an end note your calls for Oldhammer have been heard! One random limited edition citadel mini is under works and I've dug up a few Rogue Trader era minis that have been waiting for paint quite a while. And to top it off I managed to prep a whole 4000 point Epic Armageddon army for painting. So quite a few minis on the painting desk. Maybe now there will always be something that I fancy painting and fewer days without touching the brushes.
Magnificent work Samuli - I have a healthy respect for folks who can pull off so much white, and make it look so nice! White can be a tiring colour to work with, but I'm sure you enjoyed the break from all of the Olive Drab (well, that, and the "refreshments":). Excellent to see more Saxons ready for action! Those AB miniatures are indeed fantastic sculpts, and your paint work does them justice. 

Enjoy your gaming, and best of luck with your Flames of War efforts! And your painting list looks really cool! Oldhammer? Rogue Trade? Epic? Bring it on! We are looking forward to it. In the meantime, 36 more points for you! 

Edit by Minion Tamsin - points adjusted as AB figures are being scored as 20mm 


  1. Lovely Saxons here Samuli :)

  2. Lovely unit Samuli. I do love those AB figures, but my eyes are too old for 18mm. The great thing about the Saxons in 1813 is that they can fight for both sides.

  3. I am with Tamsin.. Gotta love the Saxons.. These are great

  4. What an excellent offering


  5. NICE! These are awesome Samuli. Yellow facings on a white coat/belts are really hard to execute and you've done a cracking job!

  6. That is a smart looking group Samuli. These are just the business!

  7. Most impressive! The white turned out nicely.

  8. the contrast between the yellow and white is stunning!
    well done!

  9. Great looking Saxons they really rurned out fine!


  10. Thanks all! These were definitely fun to paint after the olive drab!

    And tournament seems to be going surprisingly well with 3 wins and second place after the first day :)

  11. Very sharp looking regiment! The yellow and flags are excellent!