Monday, 1 February 2016

From MilesR: Templars for Frostgrave (122 points)

 Like a lot of people, Frostgrave has caught my fancy and I had box of the Fireforge 28mm Templar foot Knights sitting around and presto-chango I've got some Frostgrave troops.  @4 foot figures to be specific.

The Fireforge plastic are really very good and I enjoyed putting these guys together (I like the modeling part).  The miniatures are highly recommended.

 First up is the wizard (on the large base) and his apprentice.  You can tell they're magic using Templar Knights since their wearing the union approved red cloaks.  The shields are hand painted.
In the middle of this group are 16 heavy infantry types all with hand painted shields.

Lastly 6 crossbowmen to provide fire support.

Not the most productive of weekends for me painting wise but 24 figures and 18 hand painted shields isn't that bad for a Sunday morning.

I'll leave to my Monday minion to figure if the shields are point worthy or not.

Wishing you had some Templar Wizards to chase away the winter weather Miles?  Anyway a fine band of fellows for Frostgrave.  And thanks again for showing them off on your terrain boards.  I have yet to succumb to the Frostgrave virus, but it is getting a lot of heads turning.  I also haven't seen the Fireforge plastics unclose, but I like what I see.  And I am a firm believer in plastics for other periods.
 These painted up very nicely with good cohesive elements.  As a firm believer in hand painted shields I have added a couple of bonus points to your total.


  1. Very Fine looking fellows. Fire Forge does seem to have some excellent minatures.

  2. OK these are better than good, very crisp shields and a real nice entry


  3. Hadn't thought about doing FG this way. Nice idea Miles and well executed.

  4. Very nice and with bonus red Cloaks. Great job. cheers

  5. I do like these figures and you've done a great job on them.

  6. More frostgrave Templers than you will ever need, Enough for some crusades skirmishing! A splendid warband.