Monday, 29 February 2016

Happy Leap Year

So it's that weird day that only comes once in four years.  So be like Fred and kick up your heels and enjoy it while it's here.  Of course if you are a single man, leap day carries some degree of hazard so be careful out there.

Leap Day can do interesting things to your calendar.  Curse is fine for February but March 29 apparently fell into a black hole as it moves from Monday March 28 to Tuesday March 30.  We get the same calendar each year from my mother in law and last's years had issues too.  It gave the wrong weekend for Father's Day and listed Labour Day as Tuesday September 1st.  It is a Cape Breton Calendar which explain it all, as time move differently on that enchanted isle.

So what does Team Monday have in store for you on this rare day?  Teasers below.

And of  course it being a Monday, I bring your weekly dose on Canadian Content.  This week it's the husband and wife band Whitehorse.


  1. Who is posting Frostgrave this Monday? Because I don't have any Frosgrave to post I am very curious.

  2. It's the chap labelled Artist in the top pic that amused me. Perhaps should have had wargame geek on one of them!

    1. That's a sign that can certainly repel the fair sex!