Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Terrifically Tamsin Tuesday

Ladies, gentlemen and badgers. Flight AHPC6 out of Challenge, Blogland is currently cruising at 33,660 points aiming for a new target altitude of 71,750. I think some of our late boarders will have to pull their fingers out and produce their boarding passes if we are to meet that vertiginous target. Or maybe lock Alex, Miles, MartinC, Kyle and Sylvain in a room together with everybody's lead piles for the next 6 weeks...

In the cabin crew cabin yesterday, myself and my crew were discussing this snippet of industry news. I was tasked with asking the flight's owner (not to mention our esteemed pilot) Curt Snowlord if we could also wear trousers. He was actually quite agreeable to the idea, provided the trousers were like these:

but in Campbell tartan.

Hmmm, so we'll be sticking with our current skirts (closer to belts if you want my opinion) for now.

But that's enough of that. What entertainments do we have in store for you today?

So far, not a lot. It's all suspiciously quiet. Perhaps everyone is working on their "Ray and Fran Bromance" entries for the "lAmour" bonus theme?

What we do have is:
Some miners
Some tiny horsemen who enjoy plays-on-words
Some more chilly people


  1. Good luck Tamsin. If you are short of entries I could get a very small one finished for tonight.... nearly done. If you want a light week I will just prepare for next week!

  2. Hi Miss Tamsin,

    could we have the medical agreement of the Dr Martens??
    the shoes seem to be too light for work ??

    thanks in advance for your reply ;-)

  3. Glad you put my name before Fran's...the biatch!

    1. Is it still a bromance when they both act like an old married couple?

  4. While the miniskirt is hard to top those trousers would look smashing in an Argyle Campbell pattern.