Friday, 18 March 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Crusties Infantry Support Weapons (28 Points)

Some more Crusties for you - the infantry support weapons teams this time. And just a small set of figures.

Heavy Laser Teams:

Plasma Mortar Teams:

The figures are 15mm from GZG. I swapped out a couple of the crew figures to use as specialists and replaced them with figures from the Crusties Civilians pack.

So, 8 x 15mm foot figures = 16 points and four small crew served weapons - I'll let Curt decide whether they should be scored as 2 or 4 points each.

Tomorrow, if things go to plan I should be posting the last of the Crusties - command team and specialists.

Groovy! I really like the look of these heavy weapons, with their clean steel (aluminum?) bodies and nasty Nokian orange bits.
'Begin cycling-up the prawn forks and set the butter traps!'
Great work Tamsin.  You're now tantalizingly within reach of the top ten. I know you can do it! :)


  1. Cracking stuff Tamsin! Your collection of Crusties seems to grow at an amazing pace! How about a group shot before the end?

  2. nice paintwork Tamsin! any chance to have hot chilli salsa with the crusties?? ;-)

  3. #"Crab people, Crab people..."#

    A late rush to the finish line? watch out for sandbags...!
    ; )

    Terrific work on these 15s, they are extremely entertaining figures!

  4. I'm starting to really like these guys. Those guns are seriously cool. Keep 'em coming Tamsin!

  5. I do like the orange spot-colour on these a lot!

  6. I have really enjoyed your Crusties. (I am sure that is not what they call themselves!) Thank you.

  7. More great crustacean types Tamsin. What are these guys biggest fears, lemon wedges and tartar sauce?

  8. The crusties keep getting better and better, Tamsin! I may have to hold you responsible for impulse buys at Adepticon! ;)

  9. @ Curt - thanks! Those nasty Nokians get everywhere! :)

    @ the Bromantics - cheers fellas! :)

    @ Samuli - I'll do a group shot when I do my roundup later this week, once I've caught up a bit on sleep! :)

    @ Martin C - not above the barbecue coals it isn't! :)

    @ Gilles - choice of Thai sweet chilli sauce or lemon juice ;)

    @ Evan - no sandbags here, just a continuous stream of posts :)

    @ Anne - like all good things, the taste has to be acquired over time :)

    @ Sander - orange seems to be the "traditional" colour for "prawn" weaponry :)

    @ Clint - I'm sure it's not, but I'd hate to try to pronounce what they do call themselves ;)

    @ Peter - their biggest fears Forest Gump's fishermen and Paul Hogan ;)

    @ David B - you should be safe as I don't think GZG attend and they don't sell through third parties that I know of :)