Thursday, 29 December 2016

From AlexS: Magna Graecia (380 Points)

Hi everyone again! I present to you the following for the army by the rules of the games Simon Miller "To the Strongest!". This time it is the army of the Great Greece - Greek policies in Italy. I really enjoyed working with this army. A lot of interesting colors, different units.

I enjoyed working with both the company Victrix plastic and iron of Foundry. I liked to draw emblem of on shields, and I allowed myself a couple of times with this joke. So here is the result:

Psiloi (Victrix)

Italian allied hoplites (Victrix)

Psiloi again (Victrix)

Peltasts (Victrix)

Generals (Foundry)

Hero (Foundry and Victrix)

Mercenary celt psiloi (Warlord)

Hero (Miniature created by sculptor Dmitry Medvedev)

 Last year I was very delighted example of Mr. Miles, who presented us all the model ships. And I decided to follow his inspiring example and assemble and paint a ship. The first time I did it since the days of childhood and really enjoyed. Masts and sails I did not yet installed, because I have a problem with the storage of large models. Let this be the ship, pulling on the land - it would be a great objective. This Greek trireme, and it is called "The Son of Horus." (Hey, Greg!)

Mercenary hoplits (Vixtrix)

General view:

66 inf
1 ship

Well, a few words at the end of the post. Doing 20-30 models a day has proved difficult. Age is not the one to sleep and not so easy to 2-3 hours a day. But ahead of big holidays - New Year, Orthodox Christmas and our favorite holiday mysterious Old New Year. I'm going to sleep, eat and play with children. I will not touch a brush and paints. But when the holidays end... :)


Well, I'm pretty sure this is a new record for for the books. Absolutely AMAZING work Alex!! You really need to get some rest after this effort (and perhaps enjoy the holidays). So much to say about these figures. The solid painting, the hand painted shields, the great basing, the SHIP!! Absolutely terrific. 

For both the shields and ship I'm going to award an extra 50 points. So over the past 10 days you've painted over 1000 points. Wow. Just wow. 

Suffice it to say the 'First to 1000 Points' duel is concluded. :)

Again, great work Alex.


  1. Alex - you've got to stop putting us mere mortals to shame! Please?!?!? :)

    Another excellent entry and congrats on being the first to 1000 points :)

  2. WOW-- Someone check and make sure he doesn't have a sweatshop turning these out ;)

    Also I love the Playboy bunny shield you hid in there.

  3. cracking stuff Alex.. looks look I owe you a forfeit!

  4. I tip my hat - well done sir!

  5. Goodness you keep breaking records on quality and quantity, great work


  6. Insanity.... sheer insanity! I was impressed after the last post but this takes the biscuit! Really nice stuff, great work.

  7. Мои поздравления! =)
    Nice ship, Alex. Really, unexpected work. When I see such effort in painting, I remember that I should try my best in representing the same region =)

  8. Amazing output! Those are lovely models. I like the easter egg shields as well. Great stuff!

  9. Looks like I;m going to have to pick up my game! Well done.

  10. Spectacular stuff Alex. I'm amazed by the speed you can paint without and loss of quality. Your hand painted shields are so clean and precise! Congrats on being the first to 1000pts.

  11. Amazing painting 1000 points in super quick time, enjoy your holiday.

  12. Errrr... do you ever sleep at all?
    Considering the quantity, the quality is more than stunning. Very well done Alex.

  13. And once more, Alex has us all asking, "How the hell did he do that...?"

    My hat's off to you, this is splendid stuff.

  14. Wow, just wow. My first ever army was Hopltte Greeks and it's great to see some on the Challenge. Great shields.

    Congrats on first to the K

  15. Brilliant in both quality and quantity!

  16. Huzzah for you Alex- amazing pace and quality!

  17. Great looking hoplites you have here and just how did you do that in the time since the start of the challenge?!

  18. Alex - I think we all doff our respective hats to you. What a great submission, of fine models, lovely painting, variety and speed. Well done indeed, Sir! And congratulations on the 1000 point barrier!

  19. Truly astounding! Well done! Love the little "joke" shields. :)

  20. Thank you all for your comments! I'll be back in two weeks after the holiday, and will try to show you something interesting!

  21. Grand work on them all Alex! From trooper to ship it is all very lovely! The sheild work itself is outstanding!
    Congrats on hitting 1k, and I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!