Wednesday, 4 January 2017

From DavidL - Sisters of Battle (70 points)

After noodling around with painting up a Black Templars force for Warhammer 40K, I have fallen hard for the Kill Team variant. I love the small, intimate scale of the game, particularly because it has allowed me to collect several factions, something that would be impossible if I were building full armies. I'll get back to my 1,500-point Black Templar list eventually, I'm sure, but this year is all about Kill Team.

First up is an Adepta Sororitas force. (Note: my rules of choice are the Heralds of Ruin variant, and my 250-point lists have been built using the codexes found on their site.) I've long admired the aesthetic of the Sisters of Battle and picked a list that gave a good cross-section of their coolest units.

This team consists of a Seraphim Superior armed with twin hand-flamers, two Seraphim, five Battle Sisters, two Dominions, three Sisters Repentia, and a Hospitaller.

The Battle Sisters are old sculpts but were lots of fun to paint up. (I elected to continue using 20mm bases, as I am a stick-in-the-mud who prefers the smaller bases and also have no plans to enter any tournaments or the like.)

The Dominions (a heavy bolter and multi-melta) are suitably shooty and look like they can lay down all kinds of hurt. I ended up with identical sculpts (that's what I get for buying after-market figures on eBay...), but their weapons are the focal point anyway.

For the Seraphim I went with a variant color scheme I'd seen on the Internet that I felt matched the angelic nature of their name nicely.

Way back in the day I played an Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy, and I always included a unit of Flagellants. The Sisters Repentia nicely capture that same energy, both in their backstories and in their appearance. What could be better than a trio of chainsword-wielding maniacs to lead your charge?

All together, that's 14 figures for a 250-point Kill Team force. I've got four factions more I'm hoping to paint up for the Challenge, so keep an eye out!

And yes, with this all-female force, my shameless grubbing for a Sarah's Choice award continues unabated!

ByronM: Wow, a second very nice entry from DavidL in one day!  

A very tidy little force here for Kill Team, and one that should be able to keep their domicile clean too.  The whole cleanse with fire people, no sexism here, get your minds out of the gutter.

I really like the accent colours with the clean bright whites, reds, and golds standing out against the black armour.  Making the jet back girls white is an awesome way to make them stand out, and they have always been a favourite unit of mine, since WAY back (probably 15+ years ago) Curt did a unit on pillars of flame and smoke blasting into the air.  The Sisters Repentia also brighten the force up a bit as well with all that flesh tone.  Very nice work and 70 well deserved points.


  1. More sisters of battle. Which is a VERY good thing n my mind. Terrific painting and an excellent force.

  2. These look great! The Dominions are my favorite, with the Seraphim a close second. What can I say, I'm a sucker for multi-meltas. :)

  3. Very nice indeed! Classic sculpts and a great paint job to boot.

  4. very well painted ladies with big choppers, whats not to like

  5. Great work on these ladies


  6. Very characterful models with a lovely paint job! I love the 40k background, and am going to give these Kill Team rules a look.

  7. Outstanding work! I really like how you've pulled off that iconic colour sheme.

  8. Great to see these sculpts appearing the in the Challenge! Excellent work David, they look really sharp.

  9. Some dangerous dames there, well painted and based.
    Here's a giant chainsaw, now put this vision-obscuring hood on. From a safety point of view, what could possibly go wrong?

  10. These are terrific. So iconic and still some of the best sculpts from GW. Love how you did the jet packs on the Seraphim.

  11. Great painting work. These figures are wonderful, and I´m going to look for one of them, for my Retinue...

  12. Cracking stuff David! Nice to see some ladies in the Challenge.

  13. Been forever since I seen any SOB, and these look great. Am sure your going to be grabbing some of the new SOB that have appeared of late perhaps? Maybe we see it in the comp here painted up?

    1. @MrLee: This will probably be it for the SoB—gotta tend to my other 40K projects before I permit myself any new purchases... ;)

  14. Great looking sisters, lovely sculpts, even better painting.
    Best Iain