Sunday, 5 February 2017

From DavidB: Death Guard 40k (135 points)

This Is the fellow who started this little force. He was painted when I got back from my last deployment. A friend gave him to me and he seemed a good candidate for the infamous Death Guard and an opportunity to try painting tarnished metal and the "lighting-strike" power sword effect. I used a tourqoise over the armor then layered tinbitz then brazen brass with  small highlight of shining gold leaving the tinbitz and torqouise to show the filth and tarnish. He(being the force commander) was used as the starting point and color choice for the force. With GW technical paints adding Typhus Corrosion, Nihilakh Oxide, and Ryza Rust a lot of steps got removed. The oxide is a thick ink that coats, so the layered approach wasn't needed. It took a moment to figure that out though!

The force in entirety except for a few that are still in progress.

The helbrute came with the Dark Vengence box game and is an impressive model. He is packed with detail. I like that you can pick out various details on this one model to represent any or all of the 40k dark powers.

I used the "blood for the Blood God" to shine up the mouths that are sprouting all over him.

He was supposed to be in  the Armor round, but I kept getting sidetracked by the detail.

Since he is turning into a demonic beast, I coated the cables in blood for the blood god and used Nurgle rot to tranisiton from machine to flesh and bone. Plus it is a death guard machine and Nurgle rot kinda fits

The Chosen Marines are also from the boxed game and like the helbrute, they are packed with detail and can be readily painted to match any chaos power or all of them. This lightng claw equiped marine has Shoulder plates that seem pitted with rot.

The marine to the left has plaguebearer demons erupting from his armor and his helmet horn seemed to also be a good fit for "Papa Nurgle" The Champion next to him has an Inquistor  Head mounted on his backpack.

The Chosen Marines are armed for bear with all of them having bolters/combi bolters and hand to hand weapons. To bring them up to the sacred number of seven, I put in an old champion with a power fist.

Squad one has a mixture of second edition metal hybrids and a plasma gunner. The Champion has a plague sword. All the plague knives were given a coat of nurgle rot and the cables were given the blood god coating. I also coated the sores and wounds the technical paint as well.

This squad had all of it's models undercated white so I used pale greens and browns then steaked the armor with the Typhus Corrosion ink.

The bases wee coate with martian ironearth which cracks like dry soil then flocked.

A second edition Icon bearer and two plastic marines from a very old set...that set used to be really neat, but they are poor compared to the newer stuff.

The plastic marine to the left of the Icon bearer was the test model for all the ones painted with the newer technical paints including the basing.
I will add the icon bearer to one of the squads, but tthe two plastic marines will be used to lead the chaos cultist squads.

A couple of my favorite older deatrhguard marines.

The second squad has a champion with a plasma pistol and a melta gunner. They were undercoated black and I went from darker greens and browns till they were also hit hit the technical paints. They still look similar to the 1st squad, but have enough of a difference to tell them apart.

This force was actually used as a "tinboy"(unpainted) force in December. A three way 40k game for the fisrst dice rolling session in the new house. They are also the first time I played a chaos force.

I have another hero, a war machine and a couple of cultist squads still on the table being worked on.
hopefully they will be up shortly, but I'm still under the weather and have to perform military duty later in the week.
Still three squads of seven, a dread, and three extra marines make a pretty good force!

Nice work David! I'm going to count the Hellbrute as a vehicle (it only seems fair after scoring Miles' purple worm and tortoise dragon as vehicles),  so 135 points for you. Unless the Snowlord decides I've been over-generous of course...



  1. Great bunch of traitors, David!
    ; )

  2. They do look the part! Well done.

  3. Lovely looking death guard, I have a soft spot for these chaps and they're really nicely realised.
    Best Iain

  4. Space Marines crossed with Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Nice.

  5. These do look awesome! Always been a big fan of the Death Guard and yours absolutely fit the bill.

  6. That is a lot of nasty decaying filth. (Good job on them all)

  7. Excellent, the face on the hellbrute is really dramatic


  8. Now don't take this the wrong way but: I hate Nurgle troops! They are hard as nails and just won't die on the field. These are downright brilliantly done and I certainly would have hated meeting them on the field; they would have been better painted then my forces and have beaten me in no yeah: stunning work!