Thursday, 9 February 2017

From Michael P: Pulp Heroes and Heroines (30 points)

Five 28mm characters for pulp gaming.  The one on the right is by Reaper, the others are all Pulp Figures sculpted by Bob Murch.

Reaper's Brigitte: Naughty French Maid.  Code name Bijou, she will do inside work collecting HUMINT from senior Nazi leaders, especially those with a fondness for the flying helmet, the limp piece of celery, and the feather duster.   The sculpt is by Werner Klocke, and I certainly did not do it justice.  The only thing I am happy about is the hand painted tile floor.

Very cheeky!

Major Paul "Puncher" McPhail, Chief of Staff of Project Alice, a top-secret British counter-intelligence and dark ops organization tasked with monitoring and thwarting Nazi investigations into the occult.

Bob absolutely nailed British-style mess kit.  This is almost exactly what hangs in my closet (minus the monocle).  First bald figure I've painted, that was fun.

The Major's niece, Fiona Harmer, sometime of St. Hilda's College, Oxford, ace researcher and crack shot.

I tried to add some colour and texture to the hair to offset the drab clothing.   

Sandy McGonnigle, Major McPahil's batman, gamekeeper and bodyguard.  I spent way too much time on this figure, but it was all fun.

Mimi LaRocque of the Resistance, a ginger with an attitude.  I love her outfit, which seems almost military, but I decided on a civilian paint scheme, to suggest a student, perhaps?  Who can resist a girl with a gun in a hat and tie?

Thank you for looking.  I hope that one of these three ladies might become the choice of the lovely Sarah.
Blessings to your brushes!

Sorry for the delay, Padre! this is one of my favorite thursday submissions and not just for Bridgette's <ahem> obvious charms... I'm certain the Nazi crew is very distracted by her work! I like the whole crew including Sandy's Tartan, cap and scarf. very nicework there. Mimi and Fiona are very well done too. I quite like Mimi and her ginger hair with that sharp jacket. The Major has a wonderful group working for him! I piped you for the fancy base that Bridgete has...yes I did see that!


  1. This entry is ike a "'Allo 'Allo" flashback Michael - love it! Cracking figures all and the extra time on Sandy was well spent. I had one Puncher's uniforms in the back of my closet too, before I traded it in for Black and Gold one :-)

    Smashing stuff!

  2. Oh my... what a fine set... great stuff

  3. Bob Murch does some lovely work, doesn't he/ And you've certainly done them justice, well done!

  4. Terrific pulp figures, Padre! I've always had a soft spot for Bob Murch's sculps and you've done an excellent job on them here. The extra time you spend on Sandy has really paid off - his tam and scarf are excellent.

    I hate to be 'that hound', but the skin tones on Bridgette's, ahem, obvious charms is really well done. And the checkered floor is lovely as well, yes indeed, yup, yup... :)

  5. Lovely looking pulp figures, great tartan!
    Best Iain

  6. Great work in these Padre. I can't decide which female is the most dangerous. Great job on the tartan and bonnet.

  7. Great job on everyone of them! These characters are really quite fun!

  8. Well done Michael.

    No monocle in the closet? How did you manage to paint the, uh, flooring so well without one?

  9. Oh my, nice figures...they do come out with all guns blazing don't they?! Very nice.

  10. Great work! Especially Mimi LaRocque looks as if it's better not to mess with her. Very characterful figure all round.

  11. Really nice stuff, those sculpts are a lot of fun and very characterful.