Thursday, 16 February 2017

MarkW - No 52 Next batch after a break(90 points )

Well isn't work a pain in the backside at times.

Last 2 weeks have had a real upturn in work, and thus painting has not been the first thing on my mind.  But I have managed some progress and here it is

10 Grave Guard (New plastics)
2 Spirit Hosts
1 Banshee
1 Zombie Dragon
1 Bloodthirster

So 1 of the spirit hosts and the banshee are Reaper miniatures and arrive in a blister and are made of clear green plastic one piece casting. The plastic is quite malleable, slightly less dense than an old Airfix toy solider.  None the less, the paint effect makes all the detail stand out.

The wings on that Blood Thirster were very simple and took about 20 mins with an airbrush, then a dry brush, then 4 different coloured washes - the effect is magnificent to my eyes and better in the flesh.

The Zombie Dragon was one of those models that makes you take time off after doing is it was a pig to paint.  Such hard work to get a good finish, I put the second one I have to assembled in a box and away from sight...

Lastly, I promosed a how to guide on the basing as I have had a lot of positive feedback. (thanks 😛)

So After painting I apply Vallejo Thick Mud (  It clearly looks like something less pleasant than mud, but goes very easily and is water soluble in this state.

Using a brush or coffee stirring stick I mould in some puddles and lumps and then leave to dry for 12+ hours.

For purposes, the colour is too light.  So I paint it with GW Rhinox Hide, or as normal people call it - Dark Brown.

I then do a quick dry brush of Grey and blob some green patches.  Once the Vallejo Still Water is on, these green patches turn into a depth of colour that looks like floating algae.

Then I use some tufts of various sizes, colours and shapes that I have got from Ebay. I found this seller who does buy 3 get 1 one free type deals and the range is great.

From there I add Vallejo Still Water, and then sprinkle on some swamp debris (another product in a bag from that Ebay seller) and leave to dry for 24 hours, do the sides of the base black and there it is done.

Wow, Mark! Not to sure where to begin with this one! From the top, The spirit hosts and banshee really pop with that spirtit effect you use complimented with your basing. The skellies with the unborn spirits have to be my favorite of that lot with the further contrast and story element.
The grave guard are excellent too! I rather like the purple on them as I don't usually asociate that color with undead, but it works really well with them.
Now to the big bads of the bunch... That bloodthirster is probably the best chaos demon I have ever seen, and I am far from a fan of that line. I like the wide array of colors you've put on him and still remained faithful to the red and bronze armor. The wings are the focus of this model and the detail you picked out of them is astounding! I just built a big GW model and while i hate the cost, I do appreciate how far they have honed model making in the past 30 years. This baddie is better than the GW store gallery!
The Reaper fellows are IMO hot on the heels of GW for model craft and the Bones line is a boon for the hobbyist's pocketbook. Even with my hassle of vanishing paint, I'm still keen to get some more. I haven't picked up on their big beasts, but I'm certain one or two will come my way...He gave you some bother(vanishing paint?) but once again your pallet and brushwork picked out a lot of detail on him. He is a real pig of a menace too! I probably wouldn't notice him munching through my dwarves as I'd be distracted by his granduer! ;)
Lastly, I predict this page is gonna get bookmarked for that basing tutorial!

Good show, Mark!
I put your spirit hosts in as vicks and placed the big fellows as 54mm infantry plus a touch extra for sheer awesome!


  1. I have to say that these models are some of the best painted models I have seen. Really a terrific job.

  2. The basing demo is ace, thanks very much.

  3. Brilliant stuff, I can attest to just how nice they are in the (rotting) flesh. Not a huge fan of bat wings on helmets.... perhaps a clue as to how they got themselves killed ;)

    Those big models are awesome, some of your finest work sir!

  4. Stunning work Mark- whatever work has been like, it has been good for you ultimately with these figures!

  5. Great work, love the bloodthirster , great wings!
    Best Iain

  6. Love this stuff Mark, top to bottom it's first class work!

  7. Gorgeous stuff, Mark. I'll have to try out that mud effect - thanks for the tip!

  8. Nice stuff. Love the basing. cheers

  9. Nice, love the wings on the thirsted.

  10. Lovely, lovely stuff. The Bloodthirster is awesome in the flesh and is a proper Monster on the tabletop.

    Good luck with the second Zombie Dragon when you feel the need...

  11. Excellent work. I really like the wings on that Blood Thirster.

  12. Fab take on a Bloodthirster there Mark and thanks for the basic tutorial

  13. Wowsers, gorgeous work on all of these.

  14. That's some mighty fine painting here! Especially your work on those giant wings really stands out.

  15. Those wings really did turn out a treat to the eyes Mark!