Monday, 27 February 2017

Monday Really is Funday

Momentous Monday is here - prepare to stand, slack jawed and gasping for breath, as yet another parade of miniature magnificence saunters by and gives you wink.  But this Monday is even more spectacular as it's the day we cross over 60k points for the Challenge.

So what does this Monday have in store for you?  Over 1,000 points and 5 100+ point bombs.

Whats in Store for our today?

- a plethora of teeny tiny British tanks

- French Napoleonic's

- Skeletons on many scales

- Pirates

- Colonial Saxons?

- Engineers

- A Curtgeld

- Maybe even some Russians

And more, who knows - it's Monday and anything is possible.


  1. There will definitely be some Russians - draft post just submitted :)

    It sounds as though we have another classic Monday carpet-bombing to look forward to :)

  2. Busy filling sandbags no doubt...

  3. It's just another manic Monday... go team!

  4. Well done Team Monday! (But I see you still fell short of Saturday's crack squad - Miles, what did I tell you about sparing the lash?)

    1. Well I might have been the source of the issue with Saturday.....