Tuesday, 21 March 2017

From BenitoM - My very Napoleonic Challenge

The Challenge is over and also the long winter nights... welcome Spring (although here in Madrid has lasted just 1 day so far, tomorrow snow is expected in the ourskirts of the city). I must say that it has been a real pleasure to participate (second edition for me) and I think this is now a must for me in years to come (at least while Curt have enough sanity left to continue leading the project).
Following the tradition, here is the photo of my achievements this year which as you probably know were mainly focused on the Napoleonic period.

An embattled Portuguese infantry regiment forming square somewhere is the Iberian Peninsula,  defending against the brave French Hussars led by the Bravest of the Brave, Michel Ney, Marshall of France, Duc dÉlchigen and Prince de la Moskova... (and a Panther??)

... and in the back my latest bed-reading work over the past few months, Chandler's Campaigns of  Napoleon, a source of continue joy. A total of 430 points, short of my 500 points target but enough for me as I'm a slow painter and like to divide my time with reading and playing games (incidentaly, a lot of Command and Colors in recent times...)

What was left in store (a.k.a. the Pile of Shame)? Mostly II WW vehicles (Hanomag and Jeep) and infantry (German), a group of Portuguese Caçadores, some French leftovers from previous projects, my first Austrian Napoleonic unit (arriving too late to enter the competition) ... and the Curtgeld (which is now to priority in my painting schedule).

And of course the selfie! Last year I posted one in the Waterloo's Butte du Lion; and to keep with the tradition of attaching my image to significant military places, this year is in the landing fields close to Arnhem (a clue to a painting project for the next Challenge?)

Many thanks to Curt, Sarah and the minions for the effort. And for the rest, see you again in just nine months from now!


  1. There may not have been a lot, but it was all very lovely to behold :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin, I envy your productivity in any case

  2. That's a great final shot Benito. I really liked your Hussars this year. Chandler's a good read for sure. Best wishes until the next time we meet!

  3. Great collection of Nappies Benito!

  4. I always envy anyone who can dash off a good Napoleonic fig, and yours were no exception. Great work, Benito!

  5. terrific job as usual, it is always nice to see a fellow laddie in the contest.

  6. Lovely hussars Benito - come back with more next year!