Saturday, 11 March 2017

From SteveB: Dropzone Commander Resistance Infantry (49 Points)

Not much to display this week. Bit of a painting slump.

I painted up 2 units of infantry for my resistance force. 1 unit of 6 stands of resistance fighters, and 1 unit of 4 resistance veterans.

If my math is right total of 49 pts.


Nice work Steve. I like your neutral basing with these fellows as it really helps to make these smaller figures stand out. Question: What is the difference between Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander? Are they variations on the same system?

I understand the painting slump Steve, especially coming out of the grey of February, but take heart, you've done excellent work this season and there's only a week to go. One last push!


  1. Any output during a slump is to be commended Steve!

  2. Curt, the easiest way to describe fleet vs zone is BFG vs epic to describe the deference. If that makes sense.

    1. Really should have checked my sentence structure there. Steve type good!

  3. Well done Steve. February sucks and I slump in everything including painting.

  4. Nice job, these are a great range of figures.

  5. Well done Steve. Continue you improve typing are, yes?

  6. Nice work Steve! Any bit done now still counts!;)
    I'm immpressed with the we infantry, I seemto have as much trouble with the wee scale as I do with with napoleonics!