Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Michael D. - 12 Mounted Italian Crossbows and CurtGeld (145 Points)

Well, as my first year in the challenge winds down, it's obvious I'll come up a little short of the 500 pts I had pledged. If I only knew then what I know now.... Clearly more specific planning and prep probably would have taken me where I'd hoped to be. But it's been great to be able to share with everyone, and I'm always learning more about the hobby.

Like my last post, this is part of my WAB Burgundian Ordonnance Army I'm taking to play at Cold Wars this weekend (instead of trying to finish the 100 or so points I need to meet my pledge.)

The figures are Perrys:

Finally, for Curt here's a young senorita doing here part to stop fascism:

I'm submitting this figure along with a number of other of Wednesday's Children.

The Italian Crossbows are 10 each for a total of 120 and then another 20 for the Curtgeld.

Again thanks to everyone for all the great feedback, and special thanks to Minion Byron for all his help.

ByronM: Nice work Michael with everything you did manage to get done.  The challenge is all about getting things done, while there are prizes and awards, that's not really what its all about.  So, if you missed your goal, no big issue, just try again next time, and as long as your happy with how much you got done and what quality you did, then its all good.  Oh and actually you get 145 points (you still get points for the figure for Curt itself, as well as the bonus).


  1. Great work Michael. Those mounted crossbowmen are wonderful and I hope they give you good service at Cold Wars this weekend. Thanks so much for the Miliciana - she's excellent and will find a good home amongst the ranks of my other anarchists and trade unionists.

  2. Nice work on the mounted crossbow men and the SCW figure looks great!
    Best Iain

  3. Great painting Michael. Love the crossbows!

  4. Nice work Michael.

    It's funny, I just can't picture a crossbow as a mounted weapon...but those sculpts are fantastic and your painting is top notch. Best of luck at the event this weekend!

  5. The mounted Burgundians are fantastic, and I hope they serve you well at Cold Wars. (Hard call between gaming and painting, but I think you made the right one). I do agree with Greg B, though, the crossbow seems odd as a mounted weapon, but maybe they are just ready to dismount? You could pbly get one shot off from the saddle. I love your miliciana, and I hope she gets to shot/punch many fascists in the face.

  6. Those Perry figures are among my faves and turned them out wonderfully. A crossbow could be fired mounted but loading would be tricky. There's various theories as to how mounted Xbows and arquebuses worked in battle, but Padre likely right that it involved dismounting.

    1. Dawn of the gun age and firing a small cannon behind a horse's head.....that propably wouldn't end well! ;)

  7. Very nice, I like the Curtgeld!

  8. I quite like those crossbowmen! Very nice colors on them! The SCW lass is nicely done too, she looks quite fierce with the beret!