Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday Minions coming in for final landing!

Its been another wild ride and your Team Tuesday minions are ready to bring you in for a final AHPC VII landing!
"Job's a good 'un!"
After waiting ages for the event to start (its the equivalent of waiting for Christmas, but you get to file and prime your presents early!) its hard to believe that AHPC VII almost over.

Its time to paint like the wind to grab those last few points.  Then kickback, enjoy a celebratory libation or seven and contemplate the detritus of your painting bench and how you are going to store all those newly painted figures.  Then brace yourself for being forcible reacquaintance with more mundane things like family, pets, and painting in that most dreaded of mandated scales- 1:1 :-(

Its been fun, its been real... its been Tuesday.  And Tuesday has been awesome fun to Minion.  We did the first week together with beers in hand and it was all good times from then on in.

Thanks to all of Team Tuesday and our visitors!

Paul & Alan


  1. A fine entry to bring Tuesday to a close. Please don't bring up storage as it's a particular sore point in my household. I'm not sure why, but it is.

  2. Well done gents! It has been a blast :)

  3. Yes, well done you two! Fantastic work and I hope you have a good last lap of it.

  4. Thanks, guys, it's been fun. Also, I hadn't realised that minion could be verbed.

  5. Cheers to team Tuesday. CHEERS

  6. Yes, well done you two! Fantastic work and I hope you have a good last lap of it.