Sunday, 2 April 2017

From Paul O'G: AHPC VII Offerings from my Man Cave

Another blast of a challenge with some great entries from players young and old, and some wonderful diversity in scale, periods and techniques.  I always learn a lot from others' work here, thank you.
Its seemed like more at the time, but I'm very happy with the horde!
For myself, edition VII was a personal best on several fronts: highest AHPC score (and the first time I've broken the "Dux line" of 1k), best hobby productivity I've ever achieved and as a result, I humbly submit, the best quality painting I've yet produced.  It feels that way anyway :-)
The smile of the self satisfied gamer!
Thanks to one and all for the comments and encouragement, the lads at our Gaming club who helped  get newly painted troops onto the table each week, my co-minion Dux (that was a lot of fun, thanks mate) and of course Curt.  Another triumphant challenge event!
I better replenish the lead pile ASAP!
Like many of you and I am having major withdrawals and trying to push through it by planning ahead for AHPV VIII.  Next year I am returning to sea so I am planning a limited scope but themed and maximised for quality.


  1. Absolutely superb work Paul! I particularly loved your 'spider tanks' and the FIW canoes. Have a great winter and I expect to see reports from you aboard next year.

  2. Top wor Paul. Loved all the FIW figures.

  3. What a great Challenge you had Paul - the FIW stuff was smashing :)

  4. A grand set of Challenge submissions Paul - The FIW stuff was really superb

  5. What a great challenge you had alright. I was good to catch up on the paint and chats too..

  6. It has been fantastic seeing you able to get your teeth into the challenge this year, and your output has been stunning! Thanks for minioning with me.

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