Saturday, 30 December 2017

From Millsy: Epic 40K Imperial Guard Steel Legion Army (200 Points)

This is the kind of entry I *really* enjoy - an entire completed army in one submission!

These get a really big chunk of material off the painting queue, provide a significant sense of satisfaction and best of all typically make Curt's eyes spin in different directions. I have in one instance at least made a Canadian swear and that can only be a good thing to my mind. What's not to like?

To be fair, Curt is largely to blame for this effort. To quote his very own words from his Challenge entry pack...
"I will be responsible for  adjudicating the first few weeks and the last days of the Challenge (December 20th to December 31st and March 19th to the Challenge conclusion on the 20th). Unlike the schedule above, during these days anyone can submit as much as they like - so, go nuts."
Right then, Challenge accepted!

OK, preamble aside. This submission is 6mm scale and it's an Imperial Guard Armageddon Steel Legion army for Epic 40K. In game terms its just over 3,000 points, enough for a solid game but certainly with room to grow (I'm looking at YOU fleaBay). In Challenge points terms it's a measly 185(ish) points which made me laugh (it was either that or cry) when I did the math after finishing up.

OK here we go with the show and tell...

Shadowsword Super-heavy Tank Company (Forgeworld resin)
Three bad boys to frighten the biggest of enemy war machines or monsters.

Baneblade Super-heavy Tank
Just one for now but more to be added. He looks weeny compared to his resin brothers but don't let that fool you.

Leman Russ Tank Company
Complete with Commissar and converted Compensator Vanquisher long-barrelled option. These guys put the "Steel" in "Steel Legion" . There's a couple extra tanks in here as I had them lying about. That's two less to paint for the next company!

Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!

Basilisk Artillery Company
Monster artillery barrages are just a radio call away. My mate hates these as they invariably mess up his pretty Space Marine formations. Haha!

Griffon Support Battery
Nifty little infantry close support artillery chappies. They're using a new super-secret refractor field to make them harder to target. Or I could just be a rubbish photographer. I like option one better.

Hellhound Squadron
Just the ticket for scourging heretics and xenos in the Emperor's name!

Hyrda Flak Platoon
Most important for keeping all those pesky Eldar fly-boys off the lad's backs as they get stuck in. More cutting edge refractor field tech in action!

Deathstrike Missile Launcher Battery
Just damn cool. Someone (not mentioning any names) glued a missile on *upside down* and was forced to have a stab at some trompe-l'œil style trickery to make the fins look like they have the proper detail. In my defence it's hard to see stuff like that with my mask on.

Mechanised Infantry Company
Loads of cheap-ass footsloggers ready to shine their deadly flashlights in the eyes of the enemy. The command stand is pretty nifty with the commander and is entourage protected by an Ogryn bodyguard. There's also a commissar to ensure everyone does their duty (e.g. dies to a man). Everyone gets to ride to their death battle in a Chimera transport.

Mechanised Infantry Support
Perfect for buffing up the infantry to a monster sized unit in-game. When you're not much of a fighter then numbers become a big thing. If you thought 6mm infantry were small, try painting 6mm *halfling* infantry.

  • Ogryns + Chimera transport
  • Snipers + Chimera transport
  • Fire Support Platoon + 2 x Chimera transports

Rough Rider Platoon
These are just beautifully detailed minis. They're not much chop in-game but Ill be adding more just cause I really enjoyed painting them.

Thunderbolt Fighter Squadron
More miniature coolness. They'll be joined by some Marauder Bombers at some point.

Phew! That's everything. 47 tracks, 2 aircraft, 6 cavalry bases and 22 infantry bases (5-6 men per base).

All up it took me about five days to paint the army. I've been pretty hard at it doing at least 6 hours a day, sometimes as many as 9. At one point I spent 90 minutes on a hangout with DaveD just painting stowage! I really wanted these to look the business so invested a lot of time in the details and basing. I don't typically base my vehicles but at this scale it looks good and helps protect things like barrels. Kudos to Martin and Diane at Warbases for speedy service and quality product once again.

Not sure that this qualifies as a points bomb as the small scale stuff isn't worth much. There's about 130 infantry here but at 0.5 points each, well you get my drift...

So, the only thing that remains unanswered from my perspective is will this earn me another coveted "An Idiot in Paradise" tag? Go on Curt, you *know* you want to mate. :-)



Jeez Louise, that's a HEEEP of beautifully painted Epic stuff, Millsy - Wow.

Your descriptions of the units just cracked me up. I love reading silly sh*t like this when I'm beyond tired and waay over-caffeinated. But seriously, I think the blue, tan and red colour palette that you chose for these looks incredibly sharp, and the little details like the unit markings and crewmen really top them off nicely. Superb work.

As you basically finished an entire army in one go I'm going to top-up your entry to an even 200 points. Brilliant stuff and thanks for sharing it mate. An Idiot in Paradise indeed. :) 


  1. Very nice! May they crush your enemies.

  2. Wow that is one big chunk of beautifully paint minis for the size you have really hit the right detail on the head very nice indeed

  3. Oh yeah!!! Great stuff Millsy, just lovely! Love those Shadowswords!

  4. Lovely work and great descriptions Millsy :)

  5. Wow.

    OK, that explains why you've been curiously quiet of late! Awesome work!

  6. Great stuff, love the teeny tiny bane blade fab finish!
    Best Iain

  7. DAMN! I envy your productivity. That's an awesome looking army, fantastic

  8. That is truly stunning and well worth the effort you put in.

  9. As a long time Epic affectionado (who has 2 big moving boxes of the stuff stashed in the garage!) I can only say Huzzah! I trust you will be adding a Titan or two to this force in due course? :-)

    1. Don't tempt him - he's a bloody machine, I tells ya!

    2. Oh there will be titans, rest assured of that!

  10. Thanks Curt, I feel like I've gotten started properly now. :-)

    Thanks everyone for the comments. They're getting a first run out next weekend so hopefully they don't crack in the face of the enemy!

  11. Arrrrgh!
    They are lovely, Millsy. I really like them. Unfortunately I've loaded my paint queue with the Cadian 7th in Epic. Not as much as you have, but another blue camouflage force! ;)

  12. Stunning! You and Curt are really making it hard to withstand the temptation to dip my toes in. I'm hoping for GW to re-release the game at some point during the new year as the prices on fleaBay are somewhat ridiculous in my opinion.

  13. Brilliant stuff! I have fond memories of a lot of these sculpts.... and if I hadn't already been drawn back into Epic by the entries in last year's challenge, I suspect I'd be seriously tempted now!

  14. you really didn't need a challenge from Curt to "go nuts" you are already nuts! What a whopper Millsy, stunning army!

  15. Well I was trying ti be the first to post some Epic and you really beat me to it with a great submission. I really like those rocket launchers.

  16. Amazing stuff Millsy! Can't really go wrong with Epic minis. I have a similar Steel Legion force waiting for paint as well. This definitely gives some much needed inspiration to get them on the table!

    And never underestimate the power of Imperial flashlights in the hands of some angry guardsmen! The emperor would never provide inadequate weapons and any lack of success is merely due to insufficient piety from the guardsman.