Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From AdamC - "Piano" man and Irish Warriors 76 points

 The fifth member of the band from my music entry, The Harpsichordist, he was ready to go but his instrument was not.

I had hoped to fit him on the same base with the strings but the spacing was a little tight so I put him on his own base.  I've got the audience on my painting table and now we'll change gears to some more Dark Age Irish. 

This is the warlord from the Footsore set. He was a little late arriving as he and his banner man weren't packed with the main box. That Said Footsore got him out to me quickly and sent some freebies too.

The shield is hand painted it’s a fairly "Irish" design (similar to one of the little bigman transfers) I ran out of the Warlord purple flowers so I had to pick up some woodland scenic flowers, they are harder to work with, but I like how they look.

This figure will be my Curtgeld. Since we have the option to make a charitable donation this year I will be putting him up on eBay and donating what I get for him to Extra life. (He'll be listed Friday)

The warlords banner man. This guy with his impressive mustache and gold chain is clearly a bit of a dandy. So, he got a fancy read robe with gold fringe. Maybe he should sell the chain to get some shoes.

I haven't decided on a banner yet, but I have a couple I am considering. I'll have two bannermen for the army which can have some advantages in Saga.

As an apology for not sending the warlord Footsore sent along 8 additional Fianna. The have the same poses but I tried to make them different form the previous fellow with different colors and weapons.

Looks like I missed the back of another shield! doh! but otherwise I am pleased with how the came out. I plan to use these guys as leaders with in units these have no function in Saga but I feel they would be there.

These 4 with their chain mail are clearly the wealthiest warriors. I decided to make them a bit brighter than other folks in this army. The Yellow cloak might be a bit over the top, but it is from the dark age “color palate” data I found.

I think the grayish white cloak with its orange boarder really came out well. These guys will make good hero figures since they will stand out. Points. There are eleven (11) 25mm figures so that should come to 55 points.  I'll leave it to Ray to determine how many points if any the harpsicord is worth. Curtgeld figures have been 20 Points in the past but I man not sure if that applies when Curt isn't getting the figure. If I do get the Curtgeld points the total is 70 points.   

From Ray

Another mighty entry Adam! Love the Harpsicord player and the carpet his sitting on too!
You must have a massive collection of Irish by now?
I love the Curtgeld figure, what a great pose! And well done for being my first Curtgeld figure entry. I'm going to award you 20 points extra for the Curtgeld figure and i hope he makes a fine price on ebay!! I'll also award you an extra point for the Harpsicord!
So that's.....
11x5= 55
1 x Curtgeld 20pts
Billy Joel's piano 1 point
Making a grand total of 76 points!


  1. Thank you!
    Yes the Irish project is now "done" at least for this challenge. If you realy like the Warlord then I hope you will bid on him :)

  2. Nice work on the Oirish Adam, they've come along nicely. I like your rk on the keyboardist a lot - he looks very self satisfied. Point of musical rivet counting - given the era his instrument is almost certainly a Harpsichord not a piano.

    1. Sadly Harpsichord man doesn't roll off the tongue and hasn't appeared in a popular song.

  3. Whoa what a contrast between mr piano-man and the Irish, even so: very good brush work Adam!

    1. Thannk you Yes two very diffent painitng styles (and the figures don't have much in common either).

  4. Nice Mr harpsico, harpseeco piano man and lots of great Irish!
    Best Iain

  5. So THAT'S what they mean by '28mm pianist'!

    "Now, can ye play 'Fairytale of New York', me boy?"

    Not the most obvious of combinations, but they work well together! Almost in harmony, one might say...

  6. Great work Adam and a wonderful idea for the donation.

    1. I'm pleased you aprove. Hopefuly I'll get a good price for him.

  7. Replies
    1. Best musical/historical refrence of thde day!