Friday, 16 March 2018

From DaveX: A Company of Coldstream Guards (25 Points)

A few weeks ago in the challenge I posted my Test Figure for my Waterloo Project where I am going a Battalion of Cold Stream Guards.  I have painted an additional 5 to complete a company of 6 (depending on ruleset used).  These are painted as Centre Company.

These figures fit in my system of magnetised movement trays and can be used in a variety of combinations.

I only painted 5 this week and the 6th is for photographic purposes only.  This will snag me a handy 25 points :)  Figures are 28mm Plastics from Perry Miniatures

The 5 I painted for this week

Based as a Company of 4

Based as a Company of 6


Wow, beautiful Napoleonic Brits, Dave. I'm usually not a huge fan of sabot basing but yours look terrific. I think it may be the longer grass tufts that help to mask the seams between the individual bases, whatever it is they look great. I appreciate how the various loading poses provides them an overall coherency as a unit, and I also really like how you did their skintones and the scarlet of their uniforms. A cracking half dozen Guardsmen!


  1. Very nice Dave. Those home printed sabot bases are excellent, but your painting is better!

  2. Very nice work, Dave - the basing is especially effective!

  3. Now's your time Dave! Sent them forward they won't stand! ;-)

  4. Great looking group of figures