Thursday, 15 March 2018

From RossM - 15mm Undead and 28mm Ninja (27 points)

Last of the scheduled posts and last of the undead this side of the Challenge, this time its a stand of ghouls.

These were painted with table top gaming in mind and most definitely not award winning standards.

Out of all the figures in the Undead army for some reason these are my least favourite which is why there are only two stands in the whole army. Can't say why I just don't like the figures much. Perhaps that is why the paint job was rushed on these as there is still time in the challenge to do more.

Now on to the Ninja, which came as a special request from Thursday's Minion JamieM who suggested that due to the Rule of Cool Ninja's top Romano Brits and guess what - they do.

The figures are from Dixon Miniatures and although older figures still have a huge amount of character and are well posed.

Some of the hands are a bit on the large side, that said this isn't a major issue when you consider the size of some weapons on other figures.

Have to say that not only black a sod to paint, its not easy to photograph under artificial lights as well.       Some of the highlighting on the black is a bit lost in the pictures.

Although its not easy to see the black started as well black and then was layered with Vallejo Dark Grey and Foundry Charcoal B/C mix. The whole figure was then washed in a wash of Nuln Oil to a 1:4 ratio with water and Army Painters Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium to knock the highlights back a bit.

The hex bases fit in with previous Ninja painted and as they will be mostly used for skirmish gaming a hex is as good as a circle. Contentious or what.

Overall very pleased with these dark assassins.

For my point tally here are the scores

3 x 15mm infantry - 6 points
4 x 28mm infantry - 20 points
Sub total 26

Challenge total so far 267 out of 300. The WWII German armour and perhaps another Ninja or two will see this successfully completed. 

Cheers for now, 

It warmed the cockles of my dark minion heart when I saw you'd popped some ninjas into your last Thursday post Ross, excellent work indeed!  I agree with you on ghouls in general, they're just not as snazzy as massed ranks of skellingtons for some reason.... but you've done a top job on these ones, the pallid flesh and lank hair reminds me of my university days......

The ninjas are the pick of the bunch though - I wholeheartedly agree with you on the trials and tribulations of painting black, I find myself constantly knocking back the highlights and then re-applying them.  Lovely job on these, I'm especially impressed with the basing, hexes get extra kudos from me and the shrubbery looks great.  I like the mix of weapons and poses, but the unarmed chap seeming to taunt his opponent is my favourite - you can just imagine them all dancing around a Bruce Lee type figure before attacking one by one in true film tradition!  I'm going to give you an extra point for having given in to the voices and painting them before the Romano-British (who are no doubt sulking about being passed over), so 268 points done and only 6.5 28mm figures to go!

Thanks for your submissions this challenge Ross, the nostalgic old school figures have been my favourites.... and the ninjas too of course!