Thursday, 8 March 2018


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Ah yes, with the apocalyptic snows having receded in the South of England (let's not talk about the North, it all seems to have gone a bit Pete Tong up there this morning), the time is right again for spraying miniatures, heading out to the garage/shed where you keep your lead/pewter/plastic/resin mountains and digging out all those miniatures you promised you would paint as part of this challenge.... and just like the Easter Bunny, you'd better hop to it as we're nearing the end of this glorious challenge!

The Thursday crew have well and truly flowered like the first snowdrops of Spring and we have a pretty full slate today, so take a break from the Easter egg hunts and take a ganders at the pretty miniatures on display......

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  1. Spring I've heard of's about a week a way by the calendar or two months way by the thermometer.