Sunday, 16 December 2018

AHPC IX - Ready for Take Off!

This one's for Kyle over at 'Mr. Lee's Miniatures' a Challenge sponsor.

Hi All!

We're just a few days away from the start of the Painting Challenge and like many other participants, but I've been spending the past few weeks madly assembling and priming models in preparation of the next three months of hobby madness. I suspect I have far too much sitting in the wings, but at least I won't be wanting for things to work on!

As per tradition, the holiday break will be a 'free paint zone', meaning you can post as much as you like and I, in turn, will endeavour to keep up with you all while avoiding my in-laws and gorging on festive food. On New Year's Eve (Monday, Dec 31st) we will switch to the daily schedule. As a reminder, below is the daily schedule for posting to the Challenge. 

Monday (Barks)
Alan Dearn
Ben Fiene
Dave Xavier
Jeremy Mohr
John Michael
Jonathan Ormandy
Martin Hayes
Mike Whiteford
Samuli Salovaara
Scott McGaffin
Shaun Magowan
Stephen Sheridan
Valery Narezhny

Tuesday (Lee)
Alex Snigirev
Arthur van Straeten
Christopher Sliter
Edwin King
Francis Lee
Iannick Martin
James MacMillan
Ken Riley
Martin Cook
Peter Anthony
Phil Hawkins
Ray Rousell
Sander van Straeten
Tamsin Piper

Wednesday (Evan)
Andrew Eddison
Andrew Laing
Brendon Watts
Jez Todd
John Shoemark
Kyle Cruickshank
Michael Davey
Mike Fraser
Michael Mills
Rob Hingley
Simon Moore
Stuart Latheron
Teemu Laaksonen
Tom Murrath

Thursday (Iain)
Alex Knott
Benito Vera
Dave Sell
Guy Bowers
Ian Wiley
Jasper Oorthuys
Mark Brien
Martin ‘Nick’ Niklaus
Nick Jenkin
Peter Douglas
Ross Manning
Russel Gibb
Stephen Harrison
Noel Williams

Friday (Robert)
Adam Carrier
Bill Adcock
Brett Murawski
David Bromley
Eric McKenzie
Ethan McKenzie
Greg Burch
John Sears
Matt Koltonow
Paul Scrivens-Smith
Pete ‘Scooba’ Fry
Tom Bauman
Victor Cina

Saturday (Curt)
John Barker
Byron Mudry
Dave Docherty
Evan Hughes
Franjo Banyuls
Grant Hildreth
Robert Herrick
Iain White
Jamie Morton
Lee Hadley
Michael Awdry
Miles Reidy
Paul O'Grady
Paul Smith
Rafael Assiego
Sidney Roundwood
Stefan Konigs

All flights to the runway! Be ready to remove chocks!

Curt Actual Out

PS: Not sure about the 'Snow Lord' moniker, but the snow is definitely here. This is the view from 'The Lab' today.


  1. You look like an extra from a low budget post apoc flick mate. Love it! GIMP Actual Out.

    1. The fire is out, man. That's a bit excessive; all Curt really needs is N95 ;)

    2. @Millsy: Ha! Actually, the weather here makes it feel like some kind of nuclear winter so it fits. Oh well, it's better than roasting, I guess. 'You see, it's a dry cold...'

      @ Rob: Huffed too much Krylon over the years, mate - N95s just don't cut it.

    3. "it's a dry cold..."
      That nearly made tea come out my nose :-)

  2. Replies
    1. It's the ear flaps - they're very slimming.

  3. My brushes are sharp, my paint bottles full... ready to go

  4. I am a coiled spring!
    Bring it on :-)

  5. Lovely view, Curt! We had some snow, but now it's a balmy 30° and Lake Michigan is in full cloud making factory-mode. I won't see much sun till March! ;)

  6. Curt, I know that we Challengers are (or will shortly be) the "great unwashed", but do you really think that respirator is going to be enough to filter out the stench? ;)

    Looking forward to kick-off on Friday :)

  7. Tuesday will be a very interesting day. I wonder who will make the first "paint bomb"?

    1. Team Tuesday is indeed interesting, some big hitters in there, I'm ready to go 😂

  8. "Snow"? What is this "snow" of which you speak...?

    1. I get the sense that your AC is not keeping up with your summer? Get ready to paint in the buff!

    2. What makes you think he doesn't do that all year round anyway?

  9. So sad to have missed out on the challenge this year looks like it's going to be a fun one, might just have to sit here and do my own challenge see what I can paint while watch all your amazing pictures

    1. Sorry to have missed you this year Kent. I hope you can join us for our next sortie.

  10. Brrrrrr! Snow! I haven't used the hot tap in the shower for around 2 months now. No need. Cheers

  11. I've my brush between my teeth, my fingers are superglued together and I've undercoat in my hair - I may have got the wrong idea about being primed for action.

  12. Well, I have all of my models for the challenge primed and ready to go. Some brand new brushes are sat next to my recently cleaned painting area and my better half has been informed that she won't be seeing very much of me for the next few months. I'd say that I'm ready to go!

    Now, I was led to believe there would be smack-talk? :)

  13. Clean desks?! I'm still clearing half painted minis! Maybe a brief spit shine if I get them all cleared in time!