Tuesday, 27 February 2018

I am dreaming of a white Tuesday....

Hoi there Challengers!

While a light shower of small snowflakes is falling over here in the Netherlands, we ready ourselves for another fine Tuesday.
The crew is gearing up with some lovely stuff for you. At the moment of writing Martin has started a large scale revolution and Kent has gone bananas with some large scale goodies for us as well! Brett has gone for a big approach on smaller things and has gone down to 15mm, oh and Noel has prepared a pointsbomb to gaze at, so yeah lots of great stuff to look forward to!

Others are sure to follow, more news on that soon!

Oh and it has been brought to my attention that I have been lacking in my Minioning duties of teasing Ray, hold on that should actually read "badgering Ray" so here goes:


  1. Well, you've made up for it with a whole hour of badgering [and mushrooming and African snaking...] :)

  2. Good badgering, Sander!! Have a great, snowy Tuesday!