Monday, 26 March 2018

From AdamC: Challenge Review

Thanks Curt, Minions and all for another excellent challenge.  I don't have a true group shot I just didn't like the look so I've done group shots. 

The Footsore collection(and one Bones Viking) 66 miniatures Odin stands a bit of place among the Irish and Norse Gaels. 

An close up image of Brian Boru and the other Irish leaders on Boru's hill.  The Curt Geld miniature didn't sell so I have made a donation to Exta-Life on my own. 
The musicians and the tea party another 9 miniatures from Eureka miniatures.
The three Bones Ogre and Oni.
The 5 Bones Lycanthropes.
The 4  wild west version of the Wizard of Oz also by bones.
Bones Monsters, hero's and heroic monsters.  All together I painted a total of 94 25/28 mm figures

The final piece a scratch built 15mm World War II anti-tank bunker the only 15mm scale miniatures I painted this year.  I hit most of my painting goals this challenge.  I didn't get the Bones Mausoleum completed but it was started.  I accumulated 699 points a low total compared to previous years but this year had new challenges (a baby and home ownership). I'm planning to be back next year thanks for another great experience.  One thing I regret about the challenge is I didn't get to look at and comment on as many of my fellow challengers painting.


  1. Your tea party in particular is unique!

    1. Thank you very much Barks its was fun to paint even if it probably won't ever see a gameing table.

  2. Great variety. Very well done.

  3. I really liked your scratch built bunker and it's always nice to see a mass of dark age foot but i really liked the tea party for it's wimsy!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. Those are probably my three favorite projects.

  4. Lovely work all round mate!