Wednesday, 20 February 2019

From Brendon W - Red and Black and Arab Infantry (142 points)

This week I present 24x 28mm infantry and 1 x 28mm Cavalry. All plastic.

Group pic

From Perry Miniatures plastics a variety of reinforcements for a few different units. A lone officer Knight on his horse, four pikemen, four for a black powder unit and four for a billmen/halberd unit.
A few non standard builds among them with hand swaps, weapon swaps and wind instruments from other kits.

Arab infantry double ups to bolster the ranks of two unit types. Spear armed unit and a sword armed unit. All shields are hand painted and I am happy with the result.  I decided to really try for some brighter colours on some sword armed dudes. Made for a change from my usual painting style and I enjoyed the mini challenge I set myself.

I was lucky to get these photos taken before I left for work. An early morning thunderstorm with plenty of rain threatened to not go away and it made my photo zone (back yard) rather dark and very wet. Lucky for me it cleared away just in time.

Cheers from Brendon

The welcome return of the Knights of Beer and Bacon! And more of the soldiers of the medieval Middle East! Exceedingly fine work there, Brendon.

24 infantry is 120 points, that's 10 points for the Knight, plus 12 points for those shields, very nice work!

That's 142 well-earned points!



  1. Nice work I like how you based the Arab infantry the two man bases look good.

  2. Lovely Perry figures and the shields are just ace!
    Best Iain

  3. Always love seeing the ranks of Beer & Bacon being reinforced. I was thinking that you need a corresponding riff for your Arab forces. Perhaps the Army of Falafel & Karkadeh? :)

  4. Great figures as always Brendon. I do like those shields.

  5. Fabulous! The shields are terrific.

  6. Awesome models. The range of colours you have used on the arabs works well.

  7. Thanks everyone. Cheers from sweaty Darwin City.

  8. Great work Brendon. The Arab shields are tremendous, well done.

  9. Cracking stuff, I particularly like the brighter colours you’ve added, really makes them pop.

  10. I still favor the beer and bacon forces, but those Arab infantry are a wonderful splash of color!


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