Saturday, 20 April 2019

The 'What a Tanker!' Prize

Hi All!

Curt here, reporting from the sunny south of France. 

Sorree, I didn't know you wanted that last pain au chocolat...

I reluctantly take a break from stuffing myself with pastries, drinking bad plonk and butchering the local dialect to dash off a post announcing the winner of the 'What a Tanker!' prize. 

Sid informed me that Lard HQ was seriously stymied in their attempts to narrow the field for their final selection, as there were so many excellent entries, but he cracked the whip and they managed to come to a consensus. Good man, Sidney!

First up, the list of Honourable Mentions:

Ken's A9 Cruiser Tanks in desert Caunter Scheme, North Africa

Tamsin's M3 Stuart in Australian service, Papau New Guinea

Jasper's camouflaged Puma in ambush pattern camouflage, France 1944

All beautifully executed entries, well done people!

The winner of the Too Fat Lardies 'What a Tanker!' prize goes to Nick's (MartinN) fabulous Panzerjaeger I (France, 1940). Stunning work Nick, well done!

Nick will receive a £25 gift certificate towards purchases of fabulous Lard Island products. Congratulations Nick!

Thanks again to Rich, Nick and Sidney for providing the prize. I know it helped generate a lot of armour over the three months of the Challenge. I hope we can do something similar for our next time out.

- Curt


  1. It's a thing of beauty! As are all the others IMHO!

  2. That was one stunning entry Nick and well deserved winner of the prize and well done to the others as well!


  3. I mean, they're not bad... but the real winners are all those with the #notatanker tag!

    1. I'm with you mate - #notatanker all the way!
      Don't assume my scale! :-)

    2. Yeah... small tanks have feelings too #notatanker

  4. A fantastic model. Great to see the humble PzJg I finally get its rightful dues - it was a beast to be feared in its day (short though that may have been).

    Congratulations Nick!

  5. Cracking jobs all, and a fine winner...

  6. Fantastic work on all these but the PanzerJaeger I is a worthy winner.

  7. Can't imagine a better winner. Inspirational work for my airbrush projects

  8. Some lovely entries there, no wonder the judges had their hands full finding a winner!

    (And I especially like Curt's very Canadian 'sorree'!)

  9. Late to the party, but an utterly cracking set of tanks, and armored car. Which, really, calling itself a tank there, that Puma has a serious sense of grandeur!

  10. Congrats Nick - a thoroughly well deserved win imho :)

    It's also a very pleasant surprise to have received an honourable mention for my Stuart :)

  11. Great win Nick and as others have said, well-deserved.

    And congrats to the honourable mentions as well - some tremendous entries out there.

  12. Thank you all for the kind words! And of course many thanks to the Lardies for the generous price. Much appreciated and I feel truly honoured.

  13. Late, but an utterly deserved winner, well done Nick!
    Best Iain

  14. Well done Nick. A well deserved win.