Wednesday 7 December 2022

From BenitoM: My XIII Challenge Plans... Inshallah!

Following the lead of our Snow Lord Master, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Benito and I live in Madrid (Spain). My Twitter account is under my warring name Anibal Invictus; I also used to keep a blog of my games, but has been neglected for a loooong time now;  nevertheless I've decided to resurrect my blogging activity taking advantage of this year's Challenge and the Musk-driven turmoil at Twitter. Incidentally, feel free to become follower (wink^; wink^) of any or both of my social media accounts.

I have been wargaming since 1980, first with board games (Panzerblitz was my baptism of fire) and later all type of table games with minis (scifi, fantasy and now only historical games). I was a founder member of Club Dragon,  arguably Madrid's oldest and one of the city's largest wargames club. Anyone coming to my home town, do not hesitate to contact me, more than happy to invite you to beers and eventually a game.

My first Challenge was in 2015 so this will be my 8th participation. Those who followed me on previous years know that I usually focus on one core project, complemented with some random unrelated entries to score additional challenge points. Not this year, however. I turned 60 last May and had one of those epiphany moments in the summer where I realized that I own too many unfinished projects and realistically will lack the time to undertake them all.  

As a result, I have been actively destocking minis (and boardgames) most of the year, selling second hand and even giving them away to my local club's friends, aiming to significantly reduce my "pile of shame". 

Hence, this year no new project for me, but an effort to complete some of the past years army units and other bits and pieces, painting at leisure and without stress. A list of current interests is the following:

  • German early 2WW infantry and supports
  • German Fallschirmjagers in 1940 jump suits for an Operation Mercury project
  • Complete a few Saga warbands (Dark Age warriors, Moors and El Cid Reconquista)
  • A Germanic warband for Infamy Infamy 
  • A wide array of 2WW vehicles 

Finally, in 2022 I also dipped my toes in the fascinating ocean of 3D printing. I have already printed some singular pieces related to the list of projects above and may add a few more models through the Challenge period, time will tell.

So no major planning, but an Inshallah (only god will tell)  approach. Best of luck to all fellow challengers and will see you in a few weeks at the start line.


Benito's Mobile Painting Office


  1. Good to see you back, Benito! Your mobile painting Office looks very efficient to me. I look forward to your entries, I fondly remember your Canadians from last Challenge!

  2. Hats off to realizing the reality and selling/giving lead piles to next generation! Very noble. Looking forward to see your varied entries.

  3. Great post Benito! I quite like your Mobile Painting Office and look forward to seeing your efforts this year (especially the FJs for Operation Mercury).

  4. Have a great challenge Benito !

  5. Looking forward to your Reconquista work especially Benito.

  6. All the best Benito, always looking forward to seeing your work!

  7. All the best in the challenge Benito

  8. Saga, Infamy Infamy Germans and early WW2, three projects that I will closely follow and may even try myself. Have a successful challenge.

  9. I always love seeing your WW2 figures, Benito! :)

  10. Looking forward to seeing what you produce Benito - I remember those superb Canadians from last year

  11. Mahshallah Abi! Looking great and looking forward to seeing all your projects getting some attention!

  12. Nice mobile setup! Looks like it works for you. Glad you’ve Challenging with us again.