Friday, 30 January 2015

From MikeP - 1/48 Scale Tamiya Hawks of the Luftwaffe (25 Points)

In three not-so-great photos, here are five 1/48 scale figures that came in a Tamiya model kit, a Citroen car in Luftwaffe service.  I wanted the car for my Weird War Two pulp project.
Here they are with the car (assembled pre-Challenge).   I figure the Luftwaffe figures will give me some useful targets for airfield raid scenarios with the Commandos I showed here in an earlier entry.

The figures aren't bad in terms of detail, a little less definition than metal ones but the price is certainly right.   The lettering for the mechanic's toolbox was suggested by a very useful Luftwaffe reenactor's website.  For the uniforms I used Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform from their excellent Armour Aces series of paints.

1/48 scale is a little bigger than 28mm but not too bad.  I've included one of my favourite Bob Murch figures, a Luftwaffe aviatrix from his Dangerous Dames pack, for scale.  I have a beautiful aircraft for her, a Tamiya 1/48 scale Fiesler Storch, but it won't get assembled for this Challenge, as I have to move in a few months and I'll spare it the risk of damage.

These five figures should net 25 points.

Thanks for looking.  MP


  1. Nice additions to your collection Padre :)

  2. The diversity of challenge entries is just staggering. These push it ever-so slightly in a new direction this year. Excellent work and great to see.

  3. They look very nice! A grand objective for commandos! They do remind me that I've a 1/48 scale flying fortress that has been quietly ageing in it's primer for far longer than my Cadians! ;(

  4. Thank you all. David, I'd love to see that 1/48 scale B17 completed. That would be epic.

  5. Plenty of character and looks great