Thursday, 29 January 2015

From MilesR: 6mm United Arab Republic Tank Regiment and some All Quiet on the Martian Front (263 Points)

I'm back - my apologies for letting work get in the way of painting.  First up is a United Arab Republic Tank Regiment for use in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.  I really like the "Fate of a Nation" Six Day War rules supplement for Flames of War but wanted to build out my force using 6mm minis to save cost.  Plus I think FOW plays just a bit better with 6mm mini's.

All of the miniatures are from GHQ and the vehicles are superb - some have more detail than 15mm models I have.  The infantry?, well more on that later.

 First up a Recon platoon with 10 PT-76's and small attached mechanized infantry platoon.

 An fully kitted out mechanized infantry company.  I found the GHQ infantry figures very difficult to paint and they are very delicate.  I am glad I tackled the Arab infantry first as it's the largest formation.   At least it's over with
 The main striking force - 20 T-55's

 10 T-62's - another venerable Soviet tank.  They really were't used in the Six Day war but this force will also be used for some '73 scenarios.

 15 t34/85's - think rolling cannon fodder!

Next up in 6mm will be the Israeli's!
 I also managed to finish up some All Quiet on the Martian Front figures - sorry for the awful pictures

 A unit of 12 Zombie troopers, equipped with "slicers"

 A platoon of US Naval troops - these will disembark from the Land Ironclad.

We've got a bit of snow here in Maryland and I had some visitors - a pair of foxes foraging for food.  They have a den about 100 yards into the woods and having them around really keeps the mice population down.


  1. These 6mm Arabs look fantastic! Seeing the T34/85's next to your equally nice AQOMF figures makes me realize how tiny 6mm really is.

  2. Nice work on these, so a new project is born, that's rather Challenge-esk :-)


  3. I have been talking about 6mm Arab Israeli wars for about 2 years now, but have done nothing about it. Just looking at these I feel that I am missing out and that I should do it. Although the 1973 war is more my cup of tea. Maybe I will start it for the next challenge. Inspiring

  4. Excellent work Miles :)

    Nice pic of Mr & Mrs Reynard at the end :)

  5. Thanks for the comments - I was originally planning to do the AIW in 15mm until I figured out the costs - at roughly $10.00/ vehicle the arab' army would be pushing $750 bucks!

    I do like the "Reynards" - they make good tenants on my property. Of course, if we raised chickens that might be a different outcome!

  6. They look really good, I especially like the "shore-party" in the blue helmets! The 6mm stuff is very nice, I may actually get tanks painted at that scale!

  7. Good work Miles. I sympathize regarding the GHQ infantry - their tanks are so nice, and it is always disappointing to turn to their infantry sculpts - when you see what a company like Adler can achieve with 6mm, the GHQ infantry is a big let down.

    You have done excellent work - I'm sure those tanks will be burning on a table in no time...