Thursday, 1 January 2015

From Millsy - 10mm & 28mm Fantasy (206 points)

I've been having a bit of a tidy up of the painting area, plus starting a couple of new projects at the same time. That means this post and my other one for this week will be a bit eclectic to say the least. To try and make some sense of it all I've grouped them into Fantasy (this post) and Sci-Fi (the other one).

First up here is another three Savage Orcs. We have a warboss on foot, a modified standard bearer (to act as the army battle standard) and one last spare chap to fill out a unit of 24. The warboss is sporting a rather jazzy hat made entirely of other people's teeth. And why not I say?

Next we have something I painted as a bit of light relief and because I was concerned about the repair work I had performed degrading. Three of these old-style Warhammer metal Dryads underwent major reconstruction after their previous owner broke them at the knees. Being old-style metal figs the lead content is much higher and they were oxidising rapidly and it appeared to be starting to affect the repairs so they got a little brushwork TLC.

There is a quite a lot of subtle colour variation in the paint job but it just won't photograph well enough to show unfortunately despite fiddling with the camera and some post-shoot work in Photoshop. Oh well.

So that's 11 x 28mm miniatures in total for 55 points.

The second half of this entry is chapter one of my latest project, an 10mm fantasy / medieval army using Warmaster Empire miniatures. I've removed a fair bit of the iconography i.e. skulls from the shields etc. as it is way over the top and I'm not a fan. I plan to add some stuff from Pendraken so I can use them as Dogs of War or a more historical late medieval army as well.

In total it's 36 knights, 72 halberdiers and 2 command stands (3 foot + two horse).

The halberdiers are gorgeous. Soooo much detail. And a nightmare to paint because of it. I very nearly lost my sh1t a couple of times painting them (and I still have another two to go! [sob])

The knights are just as nice but much easier to paint. My main blocks will be red/white with supporting units of various colours.

The command stands are pretty neat being a mix of mounted and foot. Apologies for the rubbish image but I wasn't going to set everything up again just to re-shoot one photograph :-)

So that's a total of 151 points of 10mm goodness for these chaps. Plenty more of them to come as that's about 20% of the total army I guess. Stay tuned for more!

From Curt: 
Oooh, lovely work Millsy. The Ork command group is excellent (still lovin' that blue facepaint) but I have to say that I'm quite drawn by these 10mm chappies you've done. I've always liked this scale for being able to covey the mass of formations while still being large enough to play a bit with small details (perhaps the worst of both worlds). You've done a brilliant job with them. I particularly like that turquoise knight unit - very sharp. What rules are you going to use with these? Warmaster or something else?
Oh, and Mr. Mills slips back into the lead with this one... 


  1. Amazing work all around! Gotta love those Warmaster figures. Too bad they discontinued the line and now the prices are ridiculously high.

    1. Indeed they are mate. I have a pretty sizable stash thankfully but I'm still looking for some things like the later releases.

  2. Great work Millsy, your a machine Sir!!! A machine I say!!!!!

  3. Well done and a dizzying array of scales - a well deserved pace position for yourself

  4. Loving the orks and Warmaster in particular. Wonderful! Great repair job on the dryads too :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Curt it will be Warmaster (fantasy or ancients) at this point as it is what we normally play and I really like the rule set, although I'm tempted to give To the Strongest! a go with them too.

  6. Brilliant entries all, but I do like the Orcs the best. They really pop. I'd like to see a good photo of all of those 10mm models together when you're done.

  7. Lovely work - really crisp and clean on the Warmaster figures and very atmospheric colour scheme on the Dryads. Top stuff.

  8. Marvellous stuff Millsy - just amazing. I love that Warmaster force!

  9. Fantastic painting work, full of colours!

  10. the nickname Millsy " the bomber point man" is for you!!
    superb work especially on the woodwork!
    well done!

  11. Some great stuff again! These orcs are truly fantastic again.

  12. Great work, Millsy! I'll see them in person on Monday!

  13. These are terrific. The dryads / tree thingies are my favourite, Great entry,

  14. I am a big fan of 10mm figures and these have come along very well indeed. As have the savage orcs.

  15. A great entry to retake the lead. Orc's remain my favourite of this group


  16. They all look grand! I'd most like to see a group shot of your savage orcs when you complete them! The red and white infantry is really good too, and boy does that help that cavalry pop! I fear the horsemen may be an "arrow magnet" better get some more colorful units to help them out! ;)

  17. Almost forgot...great work on the dryads! I can't find the breakage or repairs! Love the faces!

  18. Staggering stuff. Great paint-job on the orks - love the blue war paint. But that 10mm stuff is mind-boggingly good.