Monday, 9 February 2015

AlanD - 15mm German Tanks and Trucks for Battle Group: Barbarossa (59 Points)

I managed to get some 15mm vehicles finished this week for Battle Group Barbarossa. First up are six Panzer IIIs of the 11th Panzer Division, made from the lovely PSC kits. I actually finished painting these in week 2 of the Challenge, but have been waiting since December for the decals to arrive from Dom's Decals. I'm not complaining - I think the poor chap had a rough December. They finally dropped in my letterbox on Friday, so here they are. I had been considering deploying these minus decals last week in my duel with Tamsin, but fortunately they weren't needed.

The 11th Panzer Division seem to have used two-digit solid turret numbers, so I painted these on freehand. The tank with a single 1 (1K on the rear of the turret)is the company commander. The air recognition flags are just bits of paper soaked in water and PVA then stuck to the turrets and hand painted. This works pretty well, still allowing the contours underneath to show through.

I had a lot of fun loading up the tanks with stowage, including scratch building racks on three of them. Stowage items are a mix of greenstuff tarpaulins, some Skytrex oil drums, and various plastic bits from PSC kits.

Here also is my contribution for the dullest entry of the Challenge. Four Opel Blitz trucks from Zvezda. Yup, not much more to say.


  1. Nice tanks and trucks Alan :)

    Just as well for you we didn't continue our side-bet to this week or you'd have been kicked into touch by my archers ;)

  2. Smashing stuff Alan. You've really hit the nail right on the head with these. The colours, the stowage, the weathering, all superb.

  3. I gotta agree with Millsy. Superb!
    Are these PSC panzer IIIs?

    1. Sure are Clint - PSC 15mm with added 'stuff'.

  4. Really nice. I like how the numbers don't look super fresh and bright. The are worn in like the rest of the tank. Great that stowage got some love as well. The markings on the trucks look excellent and really make them look complete. cheers

  5. Brilliant realistic effects, and stowage adds to impact.

  6. The blitz is my fav truck (seems to be my day for saying this is my fav...) and it may be considered dull but the work you put in to make it not so is a real credit