Monday, 9 February 2015

From TamsinP - 28mm WotR Retinue Archers (300 Points)

Not longbowmen - archers. That's what they were called back then, after all.

So, here I am with my 14th entry to this year's Challenge. If I hadn't graciously conceded defeat last weekend in my race with Alan to 1500 points, these would have been the second blow of the Dux-Hammer to knock him clean out of the park. Oh well, c'est la vie!

The figures are the very nice Perry plastics. Whilst others have been painting these up for Lion Rampant, in my case these will be forming part of a large-ish army for FoG:AM. I could still use them for Lion Rampant, but would need to record casualties on the way to base removal. The FoG lists allow 32 bases of retinue archers, so I can still add another 12 if my megalomania so takes me. Hmmm, that means buying 2 more packs at some point...

But on with the retinues. The Lords commanding them are entirely fictional before anyone asks!

Edward Kneale, Earl Anderida

The observant among you will have noted that half of them have white flowers in the front and red blossoms in the rear; the other half have them reversed. That is to allow me to use them as either Lancastrian (hurrah!) or Yorkist (boo! hiss!) - I do expect some outrageous comments about that! - according to my whims.

Charles Kneale, Baron Broadstone

Piers Rose, Earl Chelwood

So, in summary, sixty 28mm foot figures should give me 300 points.

As that leaves me 198 points over my original target with nearly 6 weeks left to go, I suppose I'd better set a new one. After the past 2-3 weeks of craziness, I rather fancy slowing down a bit. I guess, 2500 is a reasonable target - achievable, but it will be a stretch.

From Curt:

I couldn't resist stepping in. Fabulous work Tamsin! Your questionable taste in 'roses' aside, you really pulled out the stops on this entry as they look just marvelous. 

And well done on crashing past your original Challenge target. I'll mark you down for 2500 points for your concluding gambit.


  1. Oh stop it!! You will have me buying some of these!!!!

    Cracking effort Tamsin..

  2. Nicely done Tamsin. The liveries are simple but very effective!
    Boo Lancaster!!!

  3. Fantastic painting work; this is a really nice unit!

  4. Nice point bomb Tamsin!

    I don't think you lost in the duel as your points were all "pure" points. Congratulations on exceeding your target!

    1. Anne, it appears to me both of us are in a sort of side competition with our comments!
      Cheers, madam.

  5. Well done Tamsin !
    what a great work ! the jacks are superbly detailed.
    650 points of FOG AM in 28mm is long task but it worth the effort.

  6. @ Curt - thanks! My correct preference for the House of Lancaster is from my mother's side - she was a Lancashire lass, so yah boo sucks to the Yorkist usurpers *lol*
    Mind you, I have just noticed that I had a brain fart when taking the pics - the white flowers are to the fore, suggesting these are knaves from the wrong side of the Pennines! Curses!

    @ Dave - resistance is futile. I'm sure that between Brendon and myself we can corrupt you! ;)

    @ Baconfat - thanks! :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! Keeping the livery simple was a conscious decision as it allows me to call them whatever I want :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! :)

    @ Juan - glad you like them :)

    @ Anne - thanks m'dear! It was nice to get another points bomb in, even if ti was a little too late :)

    @ Gilles - thanks! When I add the MAA/Billmen, some currours and some crossbowmen I'll be at 650 points or above and it shouldn't take me too long to do those. But I do have other things to paint up first... :)

  7. Fantastic effort, these look fabulous! I think that's a great idea with the flowers too... :)

  8. Nice work Tamsin. All I see is white roses, am I missing something?

  9. Lovely work on these, Tamsin!

  10. What an awesome sight and a HUGE points explosion. I sensed a surge in the force and this explains it. The fictional characters sound great and these dudes will darken the skies with tiny plastic 28mm scale arrows. Once again highly productive Tamsin is rockin along. cheers

  11. Hmmmm.... There's another little needle of guilt regards my own box or two of these sitting idle! Very nice indeed Tamsin. Every bit as impressive for both the quality and the quantity.

  12. Nice work on them. I have been tempted by Lion Rampant rules "Cavalier" might change that. I would like to see more of these so what are you waiting for, get on with it! Another 500 points before Sunday!!

  13. Wonderful stuff Tamsin. Another crack in the wall restraining me from going nuts on WOtR.

    1. If that only caused another crack, you've got a very sturdy wall indeed! Have you seen Captain Blood's WotR thread on That should finish the demolition ;)

  14. Well done, Tamsin! You are a painting machine! :-)

  15. Congrats on busting through that already large goal. You're putting me to shame!

    The archers are looking fantastic, even with that slight slip in adding the Lancastrian flowers on at all ;P

    That reminds me... I need to pick up a few more wotr boxes and another mountain of bases at Salute this year

  16. @ Chasseur - thanks! It just occurred to me when I was digging through my packets of tufts that I had both colours and thought it might be a handy idea for showing them as different sides.

    @ Sean - the red is on blossom tufts rather than flowers and hasn't come out as bright in the pics as it is in RL. You can make them out in a few pics, but with most of them hidden in the middle, it isn't as obvious as it should be - maybe I should take and post a couple of pics to show it better?

    @ Dean - cheers! :)

    @ Brendon - thanks! You do seem to have got a teensy bit carried away with your praise though - maybe you need to adjust the ratio of beer to bacon? ;)

    @ Millsy - yes, you should feel guilty. Crack on with painting both boxes after saying three "Hail Henry"s ;)

    @ Clint - Lion Rampant does seem to be a good set of rules for quick, relaxed gaming. With readily available plastics, it is also fairly cheap to get into.
    As for painting the rest up, they'll just have to wait a little while - plenty of other bits ahead of them in the queue :)

    @ Dux - here, let me insert a little wedge into that crack and smack it with a sledgehammer! There, the dam is burst and you can go nuts on WotR. You do know that Baccus have a 6mm WotR range don't you? ;)

    @ Kevin - not another person calling me a machine? *ggggaaagggghhh!*
    Thanks! :)

    @ Paul - cheers! I'm happy to accept praise from supporters of the wrong set of cousins! *lol*

  17. I've never read or played the FoG rules, but they seem to encourage rather large formations--tackling this in 28mm is quite a project, but what a great start. And congrats on crushing that initial points total! Sheesh. Wrecking the curve for the rest of us.

  18. Good grief Tamsin, quality and speed again, stop now before you bankrupt yourself ;-)


  19. Wonderful work - the WoTR is one of the few era's that I've not had an interest in but that's due more to my ignorance of the period but the uniforms look like a lot of fun to paint and you've done a stunning job.

    Nicely done!

  20. @ David L - the armies for FoG do require a fair number of figures. However, as this will be my one 28mm army, it shouldn't be too bad. Besides, these Perry figures do paint up reasonably fast, especially as they are semi-uniform :)

    @ Ian - thanks! It will take quite a lot more armies before I bankrupt myself ;)

    @ Miles - cheers! Ignorance of the era is just a good excuse to learn about it. These were quite fun to paint up :)