Monday, 23 February 2015

From AaronH - Three 28mm Celt Chariots from Wargames Factory (90 points)

This week's entry is three 28mm Celt chariots from Wargames Factory.  This is the contents of a single box, so good value for money, but craptastic sculpts.

Three chariots for Hail Caesar.
These models are part of my Celt army for Hail Caesar.

Top view, to see the groundwork.
There's not a lot to say about these.  They are more of the unfortunate Wargames Factory sculpts.  After painting these my cheap and thrifty little heart has decided that the cost of other company's models are fair and and no more of these will be joining my forces.

Side view showing the wicker chariot sides.
The only part of this kit that is OK is the chariots themselves.  They are well put together and would be easy to rig with reins if you were into such things.

The ugly WF horses made me so sad I stepped away from these for over a week.
The horses are the same as for the cavalry and are so bad that they depressed me and I had to step away from these models for a week.  They were almost done for last Monday but I just couldn't face them at the time.

It's hard to fit two dudes in the cart, so there's two gymnasts.
The bases are GW chariot bases.  They give plenty of space for the model as well as some fun ground work.  The next batch of these will have more battlefield clutter and even some dead Romans.

The other side.
The lesson I will take away from this is that it's just not worth buying models that you don't like the look of.  My distaste made the painting a chore.  Without the Challenge to spur me on I'm sure these would have gotten pushed to the back of the table until I needed them in a game.

From Curt:

It's funny, when I first opened this entry I said to myself, 'Geez Louise, those are some uuugly, fat-arsed horse sculpts.' I felt awful but then I read Aaron's similar description and I didn't feel quite so bad. What can I say Mr. Hunt? You fought the good fight and I applaud you for sticking to your brushes and doing up them in fine fashion. I think you've done a great job on them, particularly the crew, basework and chariots. If you have to do any more chariots I can recommend the Warlord kits - they are quite good.

All this being said, these figures will probably end up being complete monsters on the tabletop, chewing through Romans like nobody's business.  :)

Well done Aaron!


  1. I actually quite like them! Good on you for sticking with it!

  2. Quality issues aside you have done a good job on these


  3. I feel your pain on these as the sculpts are pretty awful. Fair play I deed to you for keeping on with them and at least they're now ready for the tabletop to chop som egomania up nicely :)

  4. I agree painting figures you don't like is not a lot of fun at all. But now you have resolved not to buy any more so that deserves a happy dance. I am not going to criticise them as you have done a very good job with figures you feel "Meh!" about so that deserves a lot of credit.

  5. Excellent work on bad sculpts Aaron. :)

  6. This just proves again that bad sculpts can improve immensely by a very good paintjob!

  7. Nice job making poor sculpts look good... the horses are terrible I would have been tempted to paint them in pink and lavender and say they were my little pony chariots for the Comedic Round. These guys make my Vikings look good.

  8. Very nice work on some really ugly sculpts.

  9. Well done for getting them finished. I have some 1/72 Egyptian chariots that have been 75% done for several years.

  10. Nice result on flawed miniatures. I have a box of these. Seduced by the price and the fact they are plastics. They remain unpainted though. They are just soft detail and it puts me off the the company that makes them. Yours look good though. cheers