Monday, 23 February 2015

From BrendonW - More Red & Black Wars of the Roses (65 Points)

This submission is 13 plastic Perry miniatures for my expanding collection.

Bill armed figure arms from foot knight set. Weapon head swop out.
I got to admit that I had to slow down after the 'Hot' entry. Probably needed to just do some different things from this. Watch a few movies etc. It's easy as well to hit a wall filled with indecision when you assemble these figures after you have completed a few. Avoiding clones and keeping it mixed up required having a good glance at the completed ones. 

I broke with the majority of previous figures and swapped the colours (red/black or black/red) as well to try and avoid clones. Even though I found something for the Comedy round I just couldn't get it done in time. Instead I cracked on with this project that still has more to add. Army's are never complete perhaps.

I realised that the Crossbow dude is without the pavise that all of his associates have. Will have to amend that perhaps. More to do in the factory so perhaps an army photo after that.

From Curt:

I think more than a few of us are feeling the 'burn' now. It comes with every Challenge: the 'End-in-Sight Paint Exhaustion.'  The upside is that there's been some glorious work done over this season, with your's definitely amongst it. 

Again, another wonderful addition to this project Brendon AND this entry sees you break past your 1K point target. Well done! 

 I'm quite keen to see a 'force-to-date' shot of this project when you get a chance. Perhaps right near the end of the Challenge?


  1. More Great work! this army is going to look very formidable in black and red when it sees the table as complete force.

  2. Very nice additions to your burgeoning retinue :)

  3. Well done Kiwi. Will you be doing another retinue as opposition?

  4. Thanks Adam, Tamsin and Peter. An opposition...hmmmmm...could be a possibility. Didnt think about that til you mentioned it. Another project to do.

  5. Kiwi, smash the walls down! No walls for you, I thoroughly enjoy the beer and bacon boys.

  6. More great work, that army pic will be fantastic.

    As for the burn I felt mine kick in a few weeks ago but quickly slide away


  7. I have enjoyed seeing this army expand over the weeks, I love it.

  8. Very well done! Looking forward to the Army pic.

  9. Still looking good and congrats on reaching your target. I felt pretty burnt out and unmotivated two weeks ago. I partially snapped out of it this last week. I'm hoping that is all behind me now.

  10. Lovely - really clean and crisp style. Also eagerly anticipating the army shot - blast past the wall!