Thursday, 5 February 2015

From MilesR - More DAK Support Units in 28mm (90 Points)

Some more support units for my 28mm DAK army.  These are all 28mm Perry metal figures.  Outside of a few Opel trucks, which are on back order, this should finish out my DAK force.

First up is a heavy machine gun unit with four figures.  The team isn't fully mounted on a single stand so it can take causalities via figure removal.
Next up six figures from the German command pack - a light machine gunner and ammo carrier, an anti-tank rifleman, NCO and two officers.
The ubiquitous 81mm mortar - just about every army in WW2 used an 81mm mortar, so my DAK would feel left out of the party if they didn't get one too.
A SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad light transport.  The Kettenkrad was originally intended to be used by airborne troops but saw very wide service on all fronts as a light transport.  It was slow for a light vehicle (top speed of 44 km/hour) but could go through just about any terrain.  It had a very interesting steering design.  Initial turns were accomplished with slight turns of the handle bars using the front tire.  When turn past a certain point the track drive train would assist the turn by adjusting the speeds of the tracks.  It very rough terrain the vehicle would be operated with the front tire removed and just rely on the tracks. This was one of the few German vehicles to be switched to non-military use after the war as there was a very successful agricultural version sold after 1945.

This Kettenkrad is an all metal kit from the Perry line and was a lot of fun to build.  I may get a few more.

One thing I will be trying with the mortar unit is using some unit "horde" bases I purchased several years ago.  To be honest I can't remember the original purpose for the bases - I'm sure none of you have similar items in your lead pile...

Bolt Action is meant to be a fast play game and I'd like to see how these trays speed up play and do they do so without a major reduction to the visual appeal of the game.  Of course, I still need to scenic the tray.

I did have some good news that will impact my hobby time - my robotics team won the Delaware State Championship which qualifies them to complete in the East Regional (which is the next step to qualify for World Championship).  It's great news but means the Robotics season is extended as we prepare for the upcoming PA and MD state Championships and the Regionals.  I am multi-dimensional geek!

From Curt:

Great work Miles! I really enjoyed reading your factoids on the Kettenkrad, especially it's unique drive system and post-war agricultural use - very interesting.  

I'm typically not a big fan of individually based multi-figure weapons teams but I do like how you're making use of sabot trays to make them more manageable - never thought of that.  Good one! 

Finally, congratulations on your robotics team's recent victory and best of luck in the upcoming state and regional events!


  1. Super stuff once again Miles. Love the Kettenkrad, you don't see them very often and they are a cracking piece of kit, very distinctive.

  2. Great support additions for your DAK force Miles :)

    Good luck with the robotics championships :)

  3. Grand job.. And good idea re the mortar basing..

  4. Nice bunch of DAK. Hope your teams Robot does well. Cheers

  5. Lovely work on the DAK as always


  6. What a splendid mob. A joy to behold.

  7. Excellent painting work, they are fantastic!

  8. Great work and nice idea with the bases!

  9. Thanks for all the comments - the mini's were a lot of fun to paint and who doesn't love a Kettenkrad?

    It will be difficult to balance work / robotics and the challenge over the next few weeks but I think it will be OK. The team is really clicking and I've got high hopes we'll qualify again for the World Championships

  10. Excellent additions to your DAK. I really love the Kettenkrad.