Sunday 27 December 2015

From BillA - 28mm Frostgrave Warband (57 Points)

Here's the first of my Frostgrave figures, the warband known as "Terezinya's Tomb Robbers."  The Necromancer Terezinya and her apprentice John "Dig Me No Grave" Grymmlan lead the pack, supported by a band of orcs under the command of Boss Grug, a savage Barbarian with a double-bitted axe.  Also on display here are Terezinya's Familiar/Imp/Small Construct, "Lil' Anklebiter," and Lug-All, who will be played as either a Pack Mule or a Medium Construct, depending on the army list I end up using and if Terezinya can manage to cast the spell correctly.

Terezinya, Front View

Terezinya, Rear View
Terezinya and Lil' Anklebiter are Reaper Dark Heavens #02826, sculpted by Werner Klocke; I painting this figure once before, years ago, and opted for a less tarted-up color scheme this time around.  I rarely paint the eyes on figures, because my hands just aren't steady enough, but Klocke sculpts them largely and clearly enough that I decided to try, and ended up with a Necromancer giving somebody some serious side-eye.  John Grymmlan and Lug-All are Reaper Dark Heavens #02845, sculpted by Bobby Jackson; I've been wanting to pick this set up for years now and this Frostgrave warband gave me the perfect opportunity.

John Grymmlan, front view, with snazzy lighting effect

John Grymmlan, rear view
The rest of the figures are built primarily from Wargames Factory Orcs, which I bought in 2014 on a whim and had never done anything with until now.  The Wargames Factory Amazons and Persians boxed sets donated a few pieces, most notably the arms on the archers.  One of the Thugs has a Persian spear and another is carrying a short sword and scabbard from the Amazon box as well.

Bases are Renedra 25mm plastic bases, dressed with Army Painter basing grit and patches of Army Painter snow.

Lil' Anklebiter

Lug-All, Front View

Lug-All, Rear View

Boss Grug, Barbarian

Grug, Left Side

Hoodsie and One-Eye, the Archers. Front View.

Hoodsie and One-Eye, Rear View

Thugs #1, 2 and 3, Front View

Thugs #4 and 5, Front View

Thugs #1, 2 and 3, Rear View

Thugs #4 and 5, Rear View
So these twelve figures give me a leg-up on my points standing and also gives me 12 figures towards the Frostgrave Side Challenge, which I call a good start.

scale shot for Lil' Anklebiter and Lug-All
Nice work Bill! I like the lighting effect on Grymmlan and the weathered shield on Thug #3.  It would seem that poor Lug-All has been schlepping that casket around for a while due to the snow accumulation on the lid! Funny stuff.

I'll score 'Lil Anklebiter as a smaller figure so this warband will weigh-in at 57 points. 


  1. Great warband Bill - fun figures :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin! I failed to mention in my post, the shield strapped to the back of Thug #3 has "Frostgrave or Bust" scrawled on it. It's barely legible but it's there.

  2. I really like this warband, but Lug-All is the best - a wonderfully put-upon expression! Great work, Bill!

  3. The warband looks good, your conversions give it a lot of character! I think I like Lug-All the best as well!

  4. Great work on the conversions, for sure. I'm seeing the appeal of Frostgrave in being able to mix and match figures from all sorts of ranges and manufacturers.

  5. Thank you for opening my eyes!!! There is no reason why the warband has to be human! I had not thought of that but I suspect It will allow me to go in new directions with my Enchanter. Dwarf enchanters seem the most obvious. Perhaps by the end of the challenge!

    1. Happy to help Clint! I look forward to seeing your warband-to-be!

  6. Really nice warband, I commend the use of a non-human band as I'm a big fan of using conversions in wargaming for interest. And good to see forgotten figures getting a good run out, that's a real part of the joy of the challenge.

  7. Nice work, I like playing against non-human warbands and mix some into my own. Nice work.

  8. Looks a fun project hope to see more of them


  9. I like the grave digger, but poor Lug all seems a bit tuckered out...or is he complaining?! ;)

  10. Great themed warband. Lil' Anklebiter is hilarious!

  11. Nice work. My favorites are Grymmlan and Ankle Biter. Reminds me I need to work on my OSL.

  12. Lovely colours on Terezinya!