Monday, 22 February 2016

From EdwinK - 258mm Dr Who Ice Warriors (35 points)

Carrying on with my series of classic 'Doctor Who' aliens, I come to these chaps - 

Ice Warriors
For the uninitiated, they are an ancient race of  reptilian humanoids who ruled Mars until it became uninhabitable.  At various times they've been shown trying to transform Earth or other planets to their own requirements, as 'obvious baddies' who turn out to be much maligned or, in a double-bluff as goodies turning out to be baddies.

As their name suggests, they are a militaristic race, with their own complex hierarchies and a sense of bushido (useful in the typical trope - "Hey the green, scaly aliens are more honorable than the humans!")

So, these are seven 28mm figures from Black Tree Design.  The beauty of the old Dr Who aliens is they are never terribly complex paint-jobs.  If the BBC can spray-paint bubble-wrap green, who am I to aspire to much more?

I do have a couple of the officer-class, but they will have to wait for another time.

Another post that's brought a smile to my face Edwin.  I don't recall the original Ice Warrior story line, but I seem to recall that they reappeared in a recent reboot form.  Regardless both BTD and you have brilliantly captured cheap cheesy 1970s sci-fi looniness.  I do like the red eyes and well done on the bases.


  1. Cool... They actually remind me of the Vogons from Hitchhikers Guide .... Resistance is useless!

  2. I do remember the Ice warriors but was far too young to recall the story. But I bet I was hiding behind the sofa!
    Terrific trip down memory lane for me. now where did I put the cushion to hide behind!

  3. I don't think I have ever run across these in my DR Who viewing... but my following has been spotty.

    Very interesting pieces I wouldn't wish to cross them.

  4. Great stuff Edwin! (I think the guy in the first photo is sporting the same Wellies I wear during spring!)

  5. The Doctor must die! exterminate!!! ;-)

  6. Very nice, really enjoying your run on the BTD Dr Who monsters


  7. One cannot get it any pulpier than these nice one!

  8. Nice work, Edwin! They look so cheesy now, it's hard to remember what I found so scary about them back in the day. ;)