Monday, 22 February 2016

From MilesR: Yet more 15mm Flames of War WW2 Stuff (93 points)

Some more 15mm WW2.  First up are two batteries of Japanese artillery - 150mm guns on the left and 75mm guns on the right.  The miniatures are from Battlefront and were released a few years ago.

 I'm actually very excited about the upcoming release of the new Pacific War books and will try to add some related armies to the tail end of this Challenge.  I've got a few odds and ends plus some non Battlefront 15mm Pacific stuff so should have enough to field relatively complete armies.

 Sadly, I'll probably end up painting the same tanks (Chi_Ha's) in two different scales (28 and 15mm).  I can fully justify the "need" to have the same tank in multiple scales - that's not the sign I have a problem is it?

 Also on the painting table were 5 Panzer III's (late war versions).  These are also Battlefront miniatures and had been primed to be painted for the 3rd or 4th challenge and then lost in the mess of my storage closet.

 These are painted up for the Italian theater and were a nice change of pace.  The camo is a simple form of dry bushing in a stippling manner but comes out nicely.

There was a lot of work done on my nautical submission for next week - lets just say it's a lot more involved than I anticipated.

Anyway todays submission should net me 93 points:

23 artillery crewman and command: 46points
4 guns:16points
5 tanks: 30 points
1/2 crewman: 1 point
Total: 93

Painted the same army in two different scales, so far I have (mostly) avoided that one.  "Found" figures in a primed state from previous challenges.  yep, been there done that and got the T-shirt.  Sounds like you are well and truly assimilated Miles, my condolances.    Anyway on to the submission, which is great.  Those are some seriously big guns and look every bit the part, even if they should be in a another room instead of on the table (FOW beef there).  Those tanks looks every bit the business too.  I agree with your totals and look forward to your being a salty dog on Nautical Theme day.


  1. Nice looking tanks and great work on the battery.

  2. Nice tanks and artillery Miles :)

  3. Nice work Miles.
    "...from Battlefront and were released a few years ago."
    So they just made it to the stores then? :)

    I have started playing "Spearhead" in 15mm, and you will find the big guns work well on the table in that setting if that is something that ever interests you.

    Again, great work (and so much - holy cow!)

  4. Great work Miles! The use of artillery in FoW makes me mental (in scale, they should be located somewhere down the street from your wargames room), but I do like these figures.

    Peter, you're obviously not an addled grognard yet - collections in 2 scales is pretty normal. I know of more than a few of us that have collections in 4 or 5 different scales (cough, Greg, cough). Thanks goodness this is just a hobby and we don't have to make rational sense of it...

    1. Thanks but I'll pass on this one Curt. I do enough pointless and soul destroying things as it is, and I'm quite content with not completing a project once not several times simultaneously. Closest I've been is Napoleonic French Infantry in 3 scales, but never at the same time and not in the same uniforms.

    2. Yeah - two scales? That's a mild interest, practically just a passing fancy. When you really appreciate a period, you approach it from 3mm, 6mm, 15mm and 28mm at least - with true passion adding 10mm and 20mm...

    3. You are some seriously weird dudes. If you are so into redundancy, why not come over and shovel my driveway when you've done yours.

    4. The one scale not true hobbyist ever touches is 1-to-1 scale. Enjoy your snow :)

      Meanwhile, I'll paint up some winter tanks sometime soon...

    5. Hm, how odd, I don't think it's redundant or weird at all. One obvious reason to collect in more than one scale is the ability to align the tabletop aesthetic to various gaming perspectives (skirmish, tactical, grand-tactical, strategic, etc.). For example, 28mm is great for skirmish and tactical, but it often starts to loose 'the look' at grand tactical and higher. Just the same as why it would be challenging to play skirmish games with 3mm troops. So, if you love a period, and want to game at various levels, I'd totally understand why you may want to collect in a variety of scales.

      Then there is the simple pleasure of enjoying a new scale because a particular sculptor does fantastic work in it (Anthony Barton comes to mind with his astonishing 18mm Napoleonics). To my mind, working amongst various scales is not pointless, nor soul-destroying - in fact it's quite the opposite. :)

    6. You can further extend the appreciation by using different scales to maintain a different aesthetic perspective AND distance-to-engagement, a 1-to-1 modern tank battle in 3mm for instance, gives good sport and a better feel for the distance on an average sized table...

    7. I find "scale jumping" to be very liberating from a creative perspective
      28 mm is my "main scale but dabbling in 15 or even 6mm is fun

    8. Ok I can see doing the grand tactical stuff in micro scale and lower level stuff in a bigger scale, but I'd want to do it in two periods. For me a big attraction is the research and planning, redoing an army robs me of a big thrill and challenge. Part of it is while I've painted lots of 15s and even 10s (my only WWII army) but as I get older I like the old school feel of 25s and the smaller stuff doesn't do much for me, a although Ian ix selling me in the 6mm ancients.

  5. Lovely work again, looking forward to seeing 15mm PTO


  6. Very nicely done-I especially like those tanks.

    Looking forward to your Nautical submission this weekend!

  7. I can see myself starting Pacific Theatre this year, (but in 20mm, maybe also in 10mm and 28 has an appeal as well......) Shall I just say all the scales?

    Very nice looking tanks, but the big guns just steal my heart!

  8. I'm sensing a new side duel for next year - same figure in multiple scales....

  9. Bring out the big guns, always great to see some well painted armour assets as well!

  10. Very nice work Miles and I have Napoleonics now in 3

  11. They look very nice, Miles! I am looking forward to what kits will be released in 15mm for the PTO.
    In regards to projects in multiple scales....I only get what my wife allows me to! ;)