Monday, 15 February 2016

From EdwinK - Nosferatu (15 points)

Nosferatu can be best described as NOT-Dracula.  When the film was made (1921) a few details were changed to make it different from Bram Stoker's story - not enough though!  In a very early example of intellectual property rights being applied to the cinema, Stoker's estate sued.  The studio went bankrupt and all prints of the film were ordered to be destroyed.   Fortunately some survived, and the film is now recognised as a masterpiece of German Expressionism as well as having provided some genre-defining images.
Max Schreck, 1921
Kinski, 1979
The film was remade by Werner Herzog in 1979 as Nosferatu the Vampyre, with Klaus Kinksi in the title role and there was even a very funny 'making-of' film Shadow of the Vampire made in 2000, featuring Jonn Makovich, Willem Dafoe and Eddie Izzard.

Defoe, 2000
These three films are among my wife's favourites, so when I spotted a pack of Nosferatu at a recent show I snapped it up.  They're 28mm from West Wind and come as a pack of four (I've just realised that, and need to find the fourth!).

So, in true genre fashion, I've left the big reveal until quite late...

Bonus Edwin, we get minis and film history.  I'll have to check out the Dafoe/Izzard film.  Those are some creepy looking Nosferatus (Nosferatii?) but nothing is as creepy as the first still that you posted.  

I always look forward to your posts, they are so varied and interesting.  Well done with these fellas and I like the use of sepia tones.


  1. Thanks for the very kind comment Peter.

  2. Those are great! I have the original on my "I should watch this some time list" but maybe the latter ones are worth a look too. I love the more animalistic look for the Vampire... no sparkling teen angst here :)

  3. What a handsome chap! Grest work Edwin!

  4. Great stuff Edwin! The original film is one of my all time favourites.

  5. Hope the films as good as your vamps


  6. The film monster is never fully revealed until near the end. So I did like the way you kept us hanging on in this post until the end reveal. Always good to have some "super villains" and these will work well in so many games. Excellent stuff here

  7. "Did you have to bite the cameraman? Why couldn't you bite the script girl?"

    *sniggers*"I'll eat her later..."

    Love that film! Thanks for some proper NON-SPARKLY vampires!

  8. This is fabulous Edwin. I love the films as well, especially the original with Schreck. If you want to expand your fine collection check out the pair of Nosferatu from Lead Adventure:


  9. A true vampire! I keep telling my girls that proper vampires do not sparkle! ;)