Friday, 26 February 2016

From JohnM: Imperial Japanese Army (112 points)

As promised, next up is some IJA troops. I must say I enjoyed painting these much more than the USMC, not only because they were nicer figures but also because the uniforms and equipment have a bit more contrast. 

Here follow 2 LMG squads, as well as the senior leaders for a Type B Rifle Platoon, the organization most standard for the early part of the war up until 1942. The Grenade Discharger squad as well as the 3rd Rifle squad are almost done and I am quite confident should be ready for next Friday. Numerous support teams are half done and hopefully be finished by the end of the challenge.

These figures come from both Warmodelling and Eureka. I have put up some comparison photos. I also have a bit more of my terrain done which has been a parallel project. I am waiting for a bunch of bamboo that should arrive from China any day now (little plastic bamboo that is).

Any suggestion for a source of 20mm banners and tank insignia would be appreciated.

The hut is from Italeri, it was quite easy to put together. The bamboo tree is from Pegasus and the low bushes are from Gale Force Nine. The mat is from CigarBox. I might give it a little spray!
Squad 1 (Eureka) making it through the jungle heading out on patrol.
I went for quite a bright green for the camouflage on the helmet.  Maybe too bright for some but I quite like it. The old Citadel Goblin Green, a great colour. Washed with Citadel Athenian Camoshade.

Squad 2 (Warmodelling)
Rikugun Shõ-i and Gunsõ
Squad 1 (Eureka). The squad is made up of a LMG team with 3 crew and 9 riflemen as well as a Corporal. I need to get some 1/72 Japanese banners from somewhere.
Warmodelling on the right and Eureka on the left
The Warmodelling Japanese were much better quality than their USMC counterparts. They are quite similarly equipped but the WM are a little bulkier. I do like both but favour the Eureka.
I did like the WM LMG better so used him in the Eureka team.
WM on the left with Eureka on the Right
Great work John - more Pacific WW2 goodness.  It's neat to see these figures from Eureka - I had no idea they even offered them. I find Eureka has so many wonderful figures, but their kafka-esque web site often makes it impossible to find them, or even figure out they are there in the first place.  Also good to see the Warmodelling sculpts improved for the Japanese.  And the lighter green is excellent for the camouflage - I take the same approach.  Sometimes having the colour "pop" oddly reinforces its camouflage purpose.

That terrain is looking really sharp too - well done!  That is another 112 points for you...


  1. Nice looking units! And some very nice terrain for them to fight in as well :)

  2. Very, very nice work here. As Samuli said, they look fantastic with that terrain!

  3. Very nice work and the bases are great, you might loose them on the table they blend in so well.

  4. I don't know what I like more, the troops or the terrain! Great job on the lot! ;)

  5. Not only are those figures very well done, the terrain is brilliant as well! Would these flags be of help?

  6. This is fabulous work John. Your painting is excellent and really captures the feel of the Japanese forces at that time. I almost feel like I'm looking at a Lead Painters League entry as the terrain almost overpowers the figures in impressiveness. I'm definitely contacting you for a tutorial on your jungle terrain, it's just terrific.

  7. Can someone please tell these guys the war is over? They've been lurking in the jungle and awaiting further orders since 1945!
    ; )
    Cool figs John, great basing as well!

  8. Great figures John and your terrain is just aces!

  9. I will comment later when I pick my chin up from the floor! It is jaw droppingly good.

  10. nice paintwork and great scenery! the pics are impressive! the thin red line movie on live! well done!

  11. Those are great, very evocative!

  12. Very well done! Love your basing.