Wednesday, 3 February 2016

From Martin C - Dead Man's Hand - CurtGeld (20 points)

On the 2nd August 1876 Jack McCall walked into a saloon in Deadwood and shot James Bulter "Wild Bill" Hickok in the back of the head, killing him instantly. Nobody knows why McCall, an unsuccessful gambler, killed Wild Bill but it's a pretty easy guess. It bought to an end the colourful life of one of the most successful gamblers and gunslingers in the West.  Wild Bill's final unfinished hand in the game of 5 card draw was 2 pair, aces and eights with 1 unknown card to draw,  aces and eights  know as the Dead Man's Hand from that day forward

The figure is from Artizan Designs and is a cool figure. He needs varnishing but I hope you like him

Martin its one of my favourite figures from the Artizan wild west ones. He's made many an appearance in my games - and always ends up dead! I think the choice certainly fits the bill both gambler and risk taker so lets hope Curt yours is far luckier...


  1. Great idea and very well executed


  2. Anyone who doesn't like this is a hooplehead!
    (pace Deadwood)
    : )
    Great work, Martin!

  3. well done!
    one of most iconic gunslingers, really like the big mustach;-)

  4. Very nice. An excellent choice for a risk taker/ gambler.

  5. an excellent piece and very well painted.

  6. Well done Martin. Love the tumble weed on the base!

  7. This is an awesome figure, Marin, with Wild Bill being an excellent subject for the 'gambler' theme (I love the addition of the tumbleweed) Thank you very much!

    1. Cheers. Glad you like him. It is a meagre payment for a winter a joy

  8. Great job on this guy. It's hard to pull off that much black but you really nailed it.

  9. Great job on this guy. It's hard to pull off that much black but you really nailed it.

  10. Spot on the theme and really well painted Martin. Lots of black is always hard to pull off...