Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tired Tamsin Tuesday

*yaawwwnnn* Wassat? It's Tuesday? I'm on duty? Oh...bother. I'd better put on my uniform and do my stint in the cabin. I could really have done without that bout of insomnia last night...

Good morning ladies, gentlemen and Ray. We are currently cruising at 41.395 points towards our target altitude of 73,050. We have been joined by another passenger in the past week leaving just 21 still to arrive. With just under 4 weeks to go they'd better board the flight soon or we probably won't reach our target altitude.

So, for you entertainment today we have:

  • Some belligerent miners
  • Some men in hooded red dresses
  • Some pachydermal tininess
  • Some rusty robots
  • Some Germans
  • Something magical (besides me!)

Medications will be distributed shortly. Today's crayon colour is neon pink.


  1. YUM... Neon Pink Crayon tastes like burrring..

  2. eating yellow crayons makes me feel happy!

  3. One passenger is running towards the gate: http://www.karwansaraypublishers.com/pw/wss/blog/mother-russia/