Monday, 7 March 2016

From EdwinK: Frostgrave Soldiers and Spellcasters (45pts)

It had been my intention to use the Painting Challenge to concentrate on building up a couple of Frostgrave warbands and a compliment of baddies and beasties for them to tackle.  Here were are, near the beginning of the end, and not a Frostgrave figure has been seen!

Well, better late than never.

First up are the spell fodder...

Who would hire this rabble?
As some of you will instantly recognise these are from Northstar's sprue of Frostgrave soldiers (though I can't swear there's not some cultist thrown in there).  As many have already said, this is a very nice pack, with some wonderful detail and character.

I've decided that this jovial chap was a mass murderer before
deciding to chance his luck in Felstad

The spellcasters on the other hand are from Midlam Miniatures.

The rest of the group call the apprentice 'Smiler' when the
spellcasters aren't around.

I haven't attempted to make the wizards school-specific, preferring to have a pool of figures I can choose from when I play.  Equally, I've not been too particular about what arms and equipment the soldiers have - today's Thug might be tomorrow's Thief. 

These were a very pleasant surprise Edwin - a second post this week and a first post in the Frostgrave theme!  There's a lot to like here.  It's a simple but effective paint job and your faces have come out very nicely.  Curt and I were chatting about your posts Friday night, as it would often be nice to see them in better lighting (I also have this problem FYI).  However, the muted light in these pictures gives a sepia tone and really seems to suit the wintery light that we get in the depths of winter.  Also well done with the basing.


  1. Nice work, Edwin!

    The Frostgrave plastics are really very good, and you've done a great job with them - basing is especially fine!

  2. Thank you Peter and Evan. Yes, I now my photography needs to be better - I'll see what I can do.

    You are right though. I have been sandbagging and have now dropped my 45pt bomb ;)

    The bases are merely Vallejo Sandy Paste painted white, with an odd bid of sprue as fallen masonry.

  3. Nicely done Edwin! Makes me want to give mine a go now...

    1. The beauty of the Challenge - letting others' work prompt you to your own lead pile!

    2. I know it's supposed to work that way Edwin, but I find it's just as likely to increase the lead pile because others inspire me to get into new periods. Last year it was Brendan who got me into the Perry Plastics for my Italian wars project.

      These figures aren't supposed to look cheesy and they don't!

    3. You're right Peter. I've caught the Frostgrave bug and my figures aren't coming from my lead pile. They're coming from Red Box games. If only those manufacturers knew just how many sales we drive with this Challenge, they'd all sponsor us.

    4. I'm really doomed as I'm going to a game convention on the heels of the impulse buy is probably going to be huge! ;)

  4. Nice work Edwin they all look great

  5. Nice bunch of adventuring risk-takers. cheers

  6. Cracking bunch of soon to be dead lads :-)


  7. looking dark and dour mean and moody. Nice to see some more frotgrave and these look very moody and devious. I just do not trust them.

  8. Great work Edwin! My favourites are the fellow with the lantern and the spellcaster with the open book.

  9. Fine job,Edwin! I like the poses you got from that kit of Frostgrave minions. Looks like a fun kit to have. The basing is very nice on all the models too!

  10. Nice bunch of neer-do-wells.