Monday, 7 March 2016

From EdwinK: More 28mm Ice Warriors (10points)

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a group of Ice Warriors - Dr Who villains from Mars.  At the time I couldn't face any more green (how do you WWII types manage?!) so left their commanders, the Ice Lords, for another time.

Well here they are.

To be fair to Black Tree Design their monotonous green and lack of features isn't their fault - that's how Martin Baugh designed them for the BBC back in 1967 - fiberglass helmets and green wellies.

I bought these figures second-hand, and it wasn't until I got them unpacked that I realised that the previous owner had done some conversion work to them - the figure above on the right has had new arms and some embellishment to his helmet, whereas the figure on the left has had his belt removed.  For such small mercies, I am grateful. 

Warriors Reunited

More delightful, 60s era sci-fi Edwin.  Your figures are every bit as cheesy as the original.  Also the bath towel (I am assuming here) that you used to pose the figures would also work for BBC vintage production.  I can imagine the prop staff pulling up to an end of the rolls carpeting warehouse and asking for the lot on the most hideous deep pile shag available.   10 points well earned!


  1. Great bunch of vintage Who villains - just don't ask them to play the piano...
    ; )

  2. What can I say Peter? I'm just a frood who knows where his towel is.

    However, I am becoming worried about the number of times you congratulate me on how cheesy my figures are...

    1. But I mean it in the nicest possible way!

  3. I loved these guys on screen and I love them in miniature. The pink bath towel is inspired Edwin and spot on for Dr Who props of the period.

  4. Good stuff Edwin, they really hit the marl , good photo too.. The row el is a good idea!

  5. I like the additions to your force


  6. Great work Edwin. I love the terrain!

  7. Nice work,Edwin! I am told all you need is a nice bath towel to travel the universe! ;)

  8. Love the alien terrain as well, very BBC!