Thursday, 22 December 2016

From MilesR: WWII French Foreign Legion in 28mm (140 points)

It's been awhile since I've painted figures so I'm getting warmed up with some mid-sized groups.  My second submission for AHPC VII is a group of 30 WW2 French Foreign Legion from the North Africa Campaign.

These are metal castings from the Perry WW2 line and, as usual, are very good but required a bit of effort on the clean up side.

I'm pretty sure I got the uniforms right as I used the Artizans painting guide site - I find that very handy for WWII figures.  These figures are needed for my upcoming game a Historicon next year "DAK and Dragons" which will pit WWII North African forces in a type of Dungeon Crawl and hopes to answer that age old question "Could a Panzer III take on a Dragon?"  I'm sure we've all pondered with that deep intellectual challenge from time to time.  I'm planning to run some different version of the game with the titles "Muskets and Magic" and "SOCOM and Sorcery".  I know it's all very silly but I need a break from putting on big battle games

WWII figures are really easy to paint and I really recommend the Perry line - I just wish they expand the plastics beyond the 8th Army and DAK box sets.


Thus the machine lurches forward, building up speed... 

Terrific work Miles! It's not every day you see kepis with WWII figures. l think it's great seeing these oft overlooked forces getting center stage. I look forward to seeing the upcoming SOE Dragon...  

Okay, 140 points for you Mr. Miles. (The prone figures get half, rounded up, in case your wondering).


  1. One of my favorite World War II units I did them in 15mm you did an excellent job on these.

  2. Nice work. The French get a bad wrap for WWII so it's nice to see some getting some love on the paint bench.

  3. That is a nice lot of figures finished in double quick time.

  4. Very nice work
    Guys, you're putting th heat on me!!
    I haven't even started yet!!!!
    Tomorrow afternoon I'll start my Xmas break and will catch up

  5. Nice mini points bomb to put you on the table Miles :)

  6. Great figures Miles. I love the Perry WW2 French range, it's great to see some painted up. Will there be Senegalese to follow? Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship?

    1. There will be Senagalese - in fact which shall round up all the usual suspects for my North Africa collections. I do expect you to exclaim "I'm shocked, shocked to hear there is painting going on in this establishment"

  7. Lovely looking french, free or otherwise, I always liked the airfix foreign legion guide and they're like this.
    Best Iain

  8. Great work! I am able to paint only one or two figures in that same space of time...

  9. Oooh, you scooped me! I'll have some French Foreign Legion coming up at some point in the Challenge as well. Well done and great work!

  10. Now that I call 'speed painting' at its best. I haven't even put paint to brush and you're cranking out a whole army in the meantime.

  11. Legionnaires! Miles and Miles of them! How do you do it?

    (Bloody hell, and I haven't even finished basecoating...)

  12. It did not take you long before you waded in with a lovely looking bomb


  13. Bloody hell Miles!!! You're certainly crackin' your own whip!

  14. Beaucoup de Legionaires! Bien fait, monsieur!

  15. Nice work on the Legion, Miles! A treat for sure to see some WW2 Foreign Legion. Usable for both sides too, I read the tragic account of the free French Legion vs the Vichy French Legion. I do think the Vichy Legion threw that one and the accounts were brutal.

  16. Great stuff, the bases do tie them in to the Theatre of Battle and add greatly to the overall look of awesomeness!