Friday, 13 January 2017

From EricM: A Break from the Pike Blocks (240 Points)

As a change of pace this week I started work on Mithridates VI light troops and cavalry.  The grind of painting large blocks of pike was starting to get to me.  I still have at least one more pike unit to go, which I hope to complete this weekend.  I will be glad to get these done and move on.

Speaking of hold your nose and paint it style units,  I finished up 24 Greek bow this week.   I am not sure why but I have never enjoyed painting bow units.  I guess its weird but I always feel like they are just filler for an army.   (speaking of weirdness I also hate painting shoes)

While in the picture they are ranked up I plan to used them as 2-12 figure skirmish units.  All the bow are Wargames Foundry, collected during my misspent youth. 

I took the photography advice offered last week and went with a solid back drop and lots of light.  I think I may have too much light as it appears to have some glare on the pictures.  Sorry about that.  .

Heres a close up of the boys.

I was also able to finish one unit of 12 Greek style cavalry.   The figures are Wargames Foundry's Macedonian Companion's but I shortened the Xyston a bit so they look a little more generic.   Mithridates VI had large quantities of high quality cavalry. I plan for a least a couple units of Greek style heavy cavalry with some Persian or Armenian style cavalry to give it more of an eastern look.

Here's a close up

and like all good runway models they turn with attitude to give you the view from the rear.

24 foot at 5 points each is 120 points.  12 cavalry at 10 points each is also 120 points.  For a total of 240 points.  I will not admit to using a calculator in that story problem!

A break from pike blocks, but still Wargames Foundry Ancients Eric. Will we see anything else from you this year? You might consider the archers filler, but they look fine, and I like that you've spent the time edging the tunics. And those cavalrymen in their mustard cloaks with purple edging, a colour combination that's so in fashion this year! They look the business, and /I'm sure will do good work running down Mithridates' enemies. 
I like your photos on this entry, good use of the 'Snowlord black' backdrop. 
Your maths is spot on, a neat 240 points to edge you to the top of the roster. Until Miles submits an entry, of course... 


  1. I dislike shoes, especially for ancients. Another excellent entry, loving your ancients work


  2. great work, love your red spears. looking froward to the completed army

  3. Nice, don't know how you guys paint so fast , took me 3 weeks almost for 14 guys

  4. So many troops! I'm really liking those cavalry. Well done.

  5. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep 'em coming - I am a huge fan of your Pontics! Lovely work!

  6. Clearly collecting foundry figures is not a misspent youth! I do appreciate the painting and the grandeur of the units.

  7. Yihaaa! Jokeying for the pole position! Very nice cavalry unit and the reds in the spears will clearly stand out on the gaming table.

  8. Wonderful mini's - especially the calvary. I'm also a minimalist when it comes to painting shoes

    Well I better be getting back to the workbench,,,,

  9. Nice looking ancients. Don't knock the archers, used properly they can play a key role in your games. Barefoot fetish? With Cretans you could go one show off and one shoe on (like the poem) and get the best of both worlds.

  10. Excellent work on both the archers and the cavalry. It's actually quite weird but I for one love painting archers ;-)

  11. The cavalry are especially lovely amidst a prodigious output of lovely figures.

  12. Those red spears are quite striking!

  13. I like those archers - very nice indeed.