Friday, 13 January 2017

From KeithS: Wererat postscript (15 points)

After finishing up my last post, I decided to do a little organizing of my figures and, to my dismay, found three more Wererats.  Very irritating, so I figured I ought to paint them while the color palette from the last batch was fresh in my mind.

These three are all metal and of good quality, the same as the last ones (which means I don't recall who made them).  Anyway, I like how they turned out -- here's the three rats tardy to the muster.

I really like this guy because he's bossy (look at how he's pointing and yelling) AND he is carrying a flintlock.  Now, I would never tarnish my D&D with firearms, but this is cool.

The other two lads have polearms, while one has another very large crossbow over his back.

That's all - just a quick 15 points but enough to get me over 400, my goal for the day.

These Wererats just missed me signing off last week, but make a nice little appetizer for the rest of the day's offerings. The swanky one with the firearm looks like the leader of the lot Cheers Keith!  


  1. Hum these rat men would be perfect for En Garde! Love the guy with the pistol

  2. aah, the joy of completion, nice work

  3. dirty and grimy just what I would like my rat models to be.

  4. To quote Ren and Stimpy, "Squeek! Squeek I say!"
    Love the were rats!

  5. These are great, good job you found them just after finishing the others or they would be a waiting a long time me thinks